“From Beyond” Podcast

Interviewing Spirits, Channeling Insight.

From Beyond is a podcast about consciousness, metaphysics, and a wide variety of provocative spiritual topics. Join psychic Cindy Riggs and agnostic Michael Vawter as they find common ground in the realms of mysticism and metaphysics. This isn’t a New Age instructional, nor is it a debunking show. We don’t know what it is, exactly… and that’s what makes it fun!

Cindy has been practicing professionally as a Universal Channel and Spiritual Mentor/Consultant for 20+ years and is trained in every psychic skill imaginable, including Reiki and Remote Viewing. Beloved by her clients and respected by her peers, she has published multiple books and holds regular public channelings in Columbus, Ohio.

Michael is trained in psychology and approaches psychic phenomena rather cautiously (and from a perspective that is grounded in science, first and foremost). He has two degrees, a background in robotics, and an open mind. 
As a psychic, Cindy is remarkably analytical and incredulous. As a non-psychic, Michael is remarkably open and curious. Together, they hope to make some sense of the emerging spirituality that is possible in this post-new age landscape.


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