Frequently Asked Questions – Psychic/Spiritual Guidance

Cindy answers the most frequently asked questions about psychic readings:

What kinds of readings do you do?

I comprehensively utilize my skills of Clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), psychometry (sensing by holding an object), Tarot Card reading, channeling (allowing direct communication with spirit guides, Angels, or your Higher Self), mediumship (relaying messages from loved ones on the other side or other spirits) and remote viewing. I sometimes also perform past life/Akashic record readings and clearings, and spirit releasement/clearings during readings. I can also help with wellness issues for people and pets. My ability to locate missing items has been called my “superpower” and I have also gathered clues for unsolved cases. (I often say “I do every type of reading there is, except astrology and palmistry.”)

What do I need to bring with me?

Your questions or issues – to ensure we address those before we run out of time! You are also welcome to bring along a photo of a person in question or a person who has crossed over; however it’s not necessary as I can usually tune into anyone if you provide their name. (Note: please indicate at the beginning of the session if you are hoping I will communicate with a deceased loved one.) Also, if you are not having the session recorded you may want to prepare to take notes.

Are you going to tell me if you see something bad?

First of all, to see something “bad” would be to judge, and I believe that there is opportunity in everything that happens in our lives. Therefore, I may alert you to a possible undesirable outcome so you may change it in advance or choose see it in a positive light if it does occur. As the spirits have told me many times: “good and bad are only concepts.” Please remember that nothing a psychic sees is “set in stone.” You always have the power to change your future.

How do you know you aren’t communicating with a negative spirit?

Because I can see and hear them, and because I also have Spirit Guides of my own that I know and trust, I have developed an identification/verification system for all spirits who approach me. I have also found that if I ask a spirit if it is from “the Light” and it is not, it will simply disappear. In my experience, there seems to be a universal law in which spirits are unable to lie or deceive when confronted directly.

Can you contact my loved one who has crossed over?

Usually I can, particularly if I am given their name! But sometimes (rarely) I am told an individual is “not available.” Typically I can arrange the communication in advance – when we schedule the session. I can also communicate with the spirits of miscarriages/unborn.

What questions should I ask – or not ask in my reading?

Please don’t give me too much information – or ask a question such as “do I have a Native American spirit guide?” Once I have a prompt like that, it is very difficult for me to visualize anything else! Instead ask about career, a relationship, the outcome of a situation or what energies are possible to manifest in your future.

The most difficult questions to answer are “yes” and “no” questions. There are no absolute answers most of the time, due to many variables, particularly if other humans’ choices are involved.

Please don’t ask how someone feels about you – that changes from moment to moment, so it is impossible to answer. Please don’t ask if someone is/will be happy, because “happy” is just a concept, and no one feels what they perceive to be “happy” all the time. (Also remember that some people feel “happy” when they harm others.) Also, please don’t ask if someone is trustworthy, because almost no one is trustworthy all of the time.

If you are asking about a person, please specify whether they are in this plane or on the other side (if I forget to ask), and if you simply would like to know personality traits, or about a specific area or situation of their life.

I love reading children’s personalities and seeing possibilities for their vocations when they become adults.

I am not an animal communication or behavioral specialist, however can often sense or see possible health concerns with your pet.

Do I have a spirit guide?

You have many – at least half a dozen! Spirit guides are usually wise spirits of people we have known in other lifetimes. I also usually see a couple of Angels with each person. I can communicate with one or all of your guides and even teach you how to communicate with them!

Can you tell me if I should get a divorce/quit my job/move to another state?

First of all, I will never “should” on you! My intent is to guide you toward alignment with your Soul/highest Divine purpose within the situations you have created/are creating, as well as tell you possibilities I see in the future. We are multi-faceted beings with many choices and opportunities. To answer “yes” or “no”, or tell you what to do, would not serve to empower you. The truth of our existence is not that black-and-white.

Can you help me find something important that I have lost?

Most of the time, I can! And it has been called my “superpower.” I have had consistently accurate results with gathering clues to find misplaced items – even lost pets. I usually also clairaudiently ‘hear’ whether it is still in your possession or truly lost.

Can you see anything about my health?

While I have experienced a reasonable amount of intuitive accuracy with physical situations of people and pets, I am not a medical professional, I have not extensively studied anatomy, and at no time do I consider health issues one of my strengths. I will always recommend that you see a licensed medical professional for any concerns, or for an annual physical examination.

Will you tell me when I’m going to die?

Absolutely not. You will make innumerable choices in your lifetime, all of which could lead you in new directions. How would it serve you to have this type of information implanted in your memory? It would not. My purpose is to help empower you, not program you or frighten you. I don’t even tune in to that kind of information, and can’t get it even if I want to.

Is there anything else you can’t see into?

Psychic readers just “get what they get”, therefore I cannot guarantee a specific answer nor can I guarantee I’m being shown all of the details about a specific subject or person, although I have many different tools and methods of gathering information (see my Bio). Remember that in a reading you will hear what is most helpful for you to hear, not necessarily all of the details. Information that may frighten you is never helpful.

If you want to know if your partner is seeing someone else, I may see something about it, however I will still disclaim it, as psychic impressions cannot be considered evidence. And as I have already mentioned above, I do not see details about death in the future.

I don’t get lottery numbers (if only I could…!) or winning teams. I can’t tell you the exact meaning of dreams (I love discovering what your Higher Self has to say though!) or what exactly happened during an other-worldly encounter you had 30 years ago.

As I have already mentioned, “yes” and “no” answers are the most difficult to get, because very few things in our reality are absolute.

What about an unsolved crime or mystery?

While I have accurately predicted toxicology results of the deceased and gathered clues for unsolved cases, psychic impressions cannot be considered evidence. I believe some things are meant to be shrouded in mystery. Otherwise, we would all know how the Egyptian pyramids were constructed! Again, I will just “get what I get.”

To be our true, empowered selves, we must not allow anyone to control our choices of thought or action. Part of my life’s mission is to help people move away from their egos and toward their True Selves; to “rise above” the perception/illusion of duality, and help them empower themselves in making choices that will benefit their situation(s) and bring peace and happiness into their lives.

If you are seeking a reader that will tell you what to do, what’s “going” to happen, who/what to blame for your unhappiness or someone to “fix” you, then I suggest you look elsewhere. If you want to feel happy and in charge of your life, let’s talk!