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Cindy Riggs has been seeing clients in-person since May 5, 2020!

Cindy Riggs is an internationally known psychic and spiritual consultant who specializes in psychic guidance, channeling / spirit communication and Defragmenting (Cindy’s most popular session, also known as soul retrieval: a comprehensive, customized session guided by the person’s Higher Self / Soul which often involves spirit clearing / cleansing, ego removal technique, past life clearing, negative energy removal and re-patterning . . . or any other techniques she is Divinely guided to utilize that will help a person “get to happy!”).

Cindy is the author of the channeled books Vishnu Speaks: Messages Of Enlightenment From The Ancient Deity and Buddha Speaks: Messages From An Ascended Master, and is an inspirational speaker.

In her private practice in Columbus, Ohio she also provides private sessions of psychic readings / spiritual guidance, hypnosis and past-life regression, energy bodywork, energy clearings, Reiki certification training, and both personal and psychic development teaching / coaching. She is also certified in Remote Viewing, is a Reiki Master / Teacher and a life coach. Cindy’s has been providing her popular monthly group channeling sessions since 2005. Visit the Calendar of Events page for upcoming workshops and events! More about Cindy

How may Cindy help you? Are you ready for rapid, positive change? Are you ready to feel more confident, content and in control of your life? Are you ready to learn how to tap in to your own inner guidance? Are you ready to feel happy?

Cindy serves clients around the globe with remote psychic readings / guidance, Defragmenting and psychic development coaching. Learn more about Cindy’s Telephone/Remote Sessions of psychic readings / guidance or any of her other services. She is passionate about helping people to develop intuitive / psychic skills and self-empowerment.

Cindy has channeled literally thousands of spirit beings in her nearly 25 years as a metaphysical professional, including spirit guides, Angels, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, nature spirits, collectives, extraterrestrials / star beings, Earth, and The Oneness (All That Is). Most find Cindy to be approachable, down-to-earth, non-judgmental and compassionate, as well as positive and fun!

“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable than risk being happy.”

Are you ready to risk being happy?

Summer Solstice Ceremony/Gathering Saturday June 19, 2021! 🌞

Summer Solstice occurs Sunday, June 20 at 11:32 PM. Because that day is also Father’s Day, Cindy will conduct a ceremony/gathering to observe the solstice on Saturday June 19 at 11:32 AM
Summer Solstice symbolizes prosperity & positive energy!
In earlier times, the summer solstice (aka “Midsummer”) marked the beginning of the season that contains the utmost bounty, abundance, and beauty.
Cindy will conduct a Summer Solstice ceremonial gathering at the Great Circle Earthworks’ Eagle Mound in Newark, Ohio so we can honor both Earth and Spirit for the blessings and abundance in our lives, and Cindy will channel some messages for us from Spirit!
Day/time: Saturday June 19, 11:32 AM (please arrive early so you have time to walk to the “Eagle Mound” in the center of the circle!)
Location: Great Circle Earthworks (“Eagle Mound”) – 455 Hebron Rd, Heath, Ohio 43056 (Click for Map)
All are invited and this event is free.
The ceremony will last approximately 30 minutes.
Enjoy this powerful, historical site, which includes a museum!
There are many restaurants along Hebron Road if you would like to stay in the area for lunch.
Visit Cindy’s Links & Info page for videos and information from past ceremonies/gatherings!

Monthly Live Trance Channeling with Cindy Riggs

Next session: Tuesday July 20, 2021, 6:30 pm EST

ON-LOCATION: Pure Joy Studio – 6260 S. Sunbury Rd., 2nd Floor, Westerville OH 43081 more info here ($35.) Please contact Cindy directly to inquire about availability and reserve your space.

ONLINE: via – July registration here ($26.)

In the June session, a beautifully golden and fun star being, Ariel from the Pleiades explained the importance of “Oneness Consciousness” and the steps to achieving it, as well as powerful energy transmissions to support us on our journeys. Archangel Gabriel delivered the individual messages to the on-location participants, and an additional transmission of the pure Love frequency.

2021 is Cindy’s 17th year of monthly channeling sessions! We hope you will join us at the next session. 0:)

Cindy’s Newest From Beyond Podcast Episode

“Archangels Raphael and Daniel – Messages and Blessings”

Another recording from an actual Defragmenting session in Cindy’s office! Archangels Raphael and Daniel present timely information in an attempt to simplify our understanding of global concerns, how to discern what is truth, how to overcome fears, how to tap into our inner wisdom (with an excellent analogy!)…all while transmitting powerful energy that you may experience while listening or meditating with this podcast!

Learn more and listen now!

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Cindy has been seeing clients in-person since May 5, 2020!

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