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Cindy Riggs is an internationally known psychic and spiritual consultant who specializes in psychic guidance, channeling / spirit communication and Defragmenting (Cindy’s most popular session, also known as soul retrieval: a comprehensive, customized session guided by the person’s Higher Self / Soul which often involves spirit clearing / cleansing, ego removal technique, past life clearing, negative energy removal and re-patterning . . . or any other techniques she is Divinely guided to utilize that will help a person “get to happy!”).

Cindy is the author of the channeled books Vishnu Speaks: Messages Of Enlightenment From The Ancient Deity and Buddha Speaks: Messages From An Ascended Master, and is an inspirational speaker.

In her private practice in Columbus, Ohio she also provides private sessions of psychic readings / spiritual guidance, hypnosis and past-life regression, energy bodywork, energy clearings, Reiki certification training, and both personal and psychic development teaching / coaching. She is also certified in Remote Viewing, is a Reiki Master / Teacher and a life coach. Cindy’s is now in her 13th year of her popular monthly group channeling sessions. And visit the Calendar of Events page for upcoming workshops and events! More about Cindy

How may Cindy help you? Are you ready for rapid, positive change? Are you ready to feel more confident, content and in control of your life? Are you ready to learn how to tap in to your own inner guidance? Are you ready to feel happy?

Cindy serves clients around the globe with remote psychic readings / guidance, Defragmenting and psychic development coaching. Learn more about Cindy’s Telephone/Remote Sessions of psychic readings / guidance or any of her other services. She is passionate about helping people to develop intuitive / psychic skills and self-empowerment.

Cindy has channeled literally thousands of spirit beings in more than 20 years as a metaphysical professional, including spirit guides, Angels, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, nature spirits, collectives, extraterrestrials / star beings, Earth, and The Oneness (All That Is). Most find Cindy to be approachable, down-to-earth, non-judgmental and compassionate, as well as positive and fun!

“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable than risk being happy.”

Are you ready to risk being happy?

Special Event Channeling with Mother Mary

Saturday December 28, 2019 (a “7” day), 1:30 – 3:30 pm, Columbus, Ohio

Both on-location and live webcast!

Don’t miss this amazing, ultra-high-frequency-of-Love event and receive your healing energy blessing from the Divine Mother!

This special event offers individual healing energy blessings for each participant rather than individual messages, as in the regular monthly sessions.

Details and registration

Monthly Live Trance Channeling in Columbus, Ohio

Next Session: Tuesday January 14, 6:30 PM Eastern Time

Both ON-LOCATION and LIVE WEBCAST (receive this powerful energy and profound guidance from anywhere in the world!)  More details and registration

At the December 10 session, The Oneness spoke to the group and delivered individual messages to the on-location participants. 

Receive powerful energy and profound messages! Who knows what else you might experience?

Regular monthly sessions include Ego Removal Technique, energy transmission (individual messages also included for on-location participants).

For more dates, time, location and fee, visit the Calendar of Events page.

Equinox Gathering and Pyramid Grid Activation

Watch the video of Cindy channeling the consciousness of Earth and a star collective as we learned about the equinox and the pyramid grid activation, and you will receive the energy transmission too!

We were 23 in number and just missed the rain! This event took place at the Great Circle Earthworks in Newark, Ohio on Saturday Sept. 21, 2019. Enjoy!
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Are You An Empath?

Cindy’s “Are You An Empath?” lecture from the Victory of Light Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio – April 7, 2018

Do you feel overwhelmed in crowds, or in general? Do you feel exhausted in shopping malls or airports? Do you crave time in nature or alone? Do you feel drained after spending time with certain people? Does your child or loved one seem withdrawn or overwhelmed? Cindy will discuss the extra sensitive perception commonly known as “empathy” (clairsentience): how it functions (particularly as we develop more intuition), the pros and cons of the varying degrees of empathy, and how to manage it so it cannot hinder our spiritual growth or our happiness. Cindy will share her own powerful techniques that you may begin using immediately. Empower yourself and those you love!

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Newest episode: Psychic FAQ: Spirit Guides

Cindy Riggs and Michael Vawter

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