FAQs – Channeling

FAQs – Cindy’s Channeling (in her own words)

How do you know if a spirit is good or bad?

I confront every spirit to determine if they are from the Light (a high vibrational frequency), which is a very important step of the process. I will also verify the status with my own 3 spirit guides, who I am able to hear (clairaudiently). Once verified, I then invite the being(s) to integrate into my body and energy fields, and I can feel its powerful, high frequency, loving energy, which may include sensations of heat, vibrations and/or a “high” feeling.

How do you know if the spirit is who it says it is?

I have channeled literally thousands of beings and consciousnesses in my 20 years of experience, and not only do I trust my abilities and my guides completely, each spirit being has an energetic pattern or “fingerprint” that I can instantly recognize – utilizing also my abilities of seeing (clairvoyance) and knowing (clairsentience). It has even been said (by spirit beings speaking through me) that each being can see within my energetic configuration the energetic patterns of all of the other beings I have channeled over the years.

Is channeling dangerous?  

Many people ask me if this process is frightening or overwhelming. In my experience, it is not. I have always found it to be sacred, loving and powerful. (However, I do believe it is critical for those who sense their own abilities of spirit communication to have an experienced channeler to guide them through the process and monitor their energy as they develop.)

What is the regular monthly group like?

I begin by clearing the room of any negative energies and establishing a protective force field. I then recite the Lord’s Prayer in the ancient language of Aramaic – to further establish a high-level intention and vibration in the room. Then, depending on the situation (group or individual) I will meet (or invite) a spirit being, which I am able to identify, as mentioned above. It may be a person’s own spirit guide, or another energy form that wishes to communicate. Most of the time, I am able to translate its vibrational frequency into a name – or even a well-known name, such as as an Archangel or the Buddha. Each monthly group session begins with global messages and an energy transmission (blessing) for the group; in the second hour, individual messages are delivered to each participant attending on-location.

How do we know if it’s real?

Many people are curious if channeling is real. It cannot be scientifically validated that it is…or that it is not real. We simply don’t yet have the technology. Information I have channeled has benefitted me greatly, and I also have consistent and positive participant feedback, which, over the years, has become more and more convincing, amazing and powerful. People have reportedly seen energy around or entering my body, felt energy transmissions moving through their bodies and even reported seeing energy for the first time. They have been given accurate information of which I have no knowledge. Most importantly, participants report that the information and energy has helped them. Please also visit my Testimonials and Channeling pages, and read my Channeled Books.

Do you hear what is being said? Do you remember everything?

While my own consciousness is present throughout the process, I do not always recall all of the information that has been communicated.

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