Cindy Riggs is an internationally known Psychic, Spiritual Consultant, Universal Channel and Defrag-Mentor. She has always had an interest in spirituality and metaphysics, and has studied human behavior throughout her lifetime. She is passionate about helping others create self-empowerment, wellness and abundance, and to develop spiritual/intuitive awareness.

Cindy’s psychic skills include clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), psychometry (sensing by holding an object), channeling (allowing direct communication with spirit guides, Angels, or your Higher Self), “direct dial” mediumship (relaying messages from loved ones in the afterlife) remote viewing, past life reading / clearings, spirit releasement / clearing, Defragmenting (“soul retrieval”), and Tarot card reading. She can provide insight for any area of your life: career, health, relationships, and spiritual growth. Utilizing remote viewing, she has helped many people locate missing items and has gathered clues for unsolved cases. Cindy enjoys helping others to develop their psychic skills, which she believes are inherent in everyone. Visit Cindy’s Channeling, Services, Calendar of Events and Defragmenting pages for more information.

Cindy’s comments from an interview regarding her professional psychic and spiritual experience are found in the book New Age, Neo-Pagan and New Religious Movement: Alternative Spirituality in Contemporary America by Hugh B Urban.

As a professional Ghostbuster, Cindy consistently produces results and receives positive feedback. She can permanently release attachments from people, ghosts from houses and buildings, negative energy from objects and furniture, eliminate poltergeist activity, and can perform equally successful work remotely. Cindy can identify the location(s) of vortices and either permanently close, override or relocate them. Cindy’s Ghostbusting work has been featured on radio and TV, as well as an entire chapter devoted to Cindy and her work in the book entitled What The Hell Was That? by E.L. Byrd.

Cindy is an Energy Bodywork Specialist, and along with direct spiritual guidance has developed the comprehensive session she has named Defragmenting. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher offering energy bodywork sessions as well as Reiki Certification training and Reiki Master Teacher training. (Cindy studied with four different Reiki Master/Teachers and she is only eight degrees from founder Mikao Usui in her lineage.) She is a Certified Associate Polarity Practitioner, and has studied systems of Access Consciousness/Access Bars®, Bio-Etheric Healing, Quantum-Touch®, Reconnective Healing™, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and is a certified Oneness Deeksha (Blessing) Giver. She also had the unique privilege to become certified in the energy healing system of Kolaimni by its developer, Cherokee-Choctaw tribal elder Mechi Garza. Visit Cindy’s Services page for more information.

Cindy studied Remote Viewing with author and former CIA psychic spy David Morehouse. (Remote Viewing has been utilized in the U.S. Government since the early 1970’s.) She can gather clues in unsolved cases; and some have called her ability to help find missing items her “superpower!”

Cindy obtained her Hypnotherapy certification from the Holistic Health Institute of Ohio (HHIO) in 2006 and her studies are ongoing with various teachers in the US and Canada. Her experience with hypnosis is that it is a highly effective tool that can help us quickly and positively shift ourselves in any area of our lives. Hypnosis is also used for Past Life Regression. Visit Cindy’s Services page for more information, as well as FAQs – Hypnosis and Past Life Regression.

Cindy began coaching as a result of public demand for her wisdom and knowledge, and her ability to effectively communicate practical information that can be utilized immediately for real-life situations. Her Personal Development Coaching (“life coaching”) is based on a lifetime of independent study and practice of communication skills, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Crucial Conversations® and mental science. She is also a dynamic public speaker who is passionate about helping others to empower themselves through an understanding of mental science and success principles, and by sharing some of her own personal challenges and experiences. Cindy would love the opportunity to customize a presentation for your group! Visit Cindy’s Services page for more information.

Cindy is a Universalist minister/officiant/celebrant licensed in the State of Ohio, officiating dynamic and memorable wedding ceremonies (visit, distinctive memorial services (visit and other spiritual ceremonies.

She is currently studying and practicing physiognomy (Xian Mian, or Chinese face reading), and has studied and received certification from Physiognomist and author R. Neville Johnston.

Cindy is the Author of Vishnu Speaks: Messages of Enlightenment from the Ancient Deity, a book she was instructed to channel by the Hindu god Vishnu (which also features his consort, Lakshmi); Buddha Speaks: Messages from An Ascended Master, a compilation of messages that the Buddha channeled through her from 2002 – 2016; and COMMANDIFESTATION: Commanding Manifestation. More information about Cindy’s books and available formats.

Cindy is the producer and host of the podcast entitled From Beyond: Interviewing Spirits, Channeling Insight, with various co-hosts and “guest speakers” from the spirit world.

Cindy is the former producer, writer and host of the television talk show Well Being: The Show about Body, Mind and Spirit talk show in Columbus, Ohio. Included on her guest list were well-known authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Bernie Siegel Louise Hauck, Ron Roth, and Dannion Brinkley. She has written articles and produced and hosted various wellness-related audio programs as a freelance writer and wellness advocate.

Cindy served on the Board of Directors for the Simplicity Institute, and was a member of the Holistic Wellness Program Advisory Committee for the American Institute of Alternative Medicine. Cindy is also a member of Integrate Columbus and listed on

Cindy has been featured on TV, radio, podcasts, live webcasts, her own podcast (From Beyond: Interviewing Spirits, Channeling Insight). She is a speaker at expos, and is also featured in the Holistic Highway to Wisdom DVD series. See Cindy’s Links & Info page for playback of past radio and video appearances, and the Channeling Content Catalog for replay videos of Cindy’s Live Trance Channeling sessions.

Cindy has traveled to 30 countries (so far) and loves ancient history, cultural anthropology, yoga, wellness, nutrition…sci-fi, comedy, and shopping! Cindy is also a former race car / sport driver.

In the interest of maintaining a high vibrational frequency and to be as clear a channel as possible, Cindy adheres to a clean, healthy lifestyle including meditation, yoga, fitness and nutrition.

A visit with Cindy not only provides direct access to your Higher Self and the spirit realm, you also receive frequency patterns she has received from all of the spirit beings with which she has merged and channeled over the years (literally thousands!), which which are now imprinted and broadcasting from her energy fields.

Additionally, emanating from Cindy are the patterns of frequency she has collected (“downloaded”) by traveling to ancient and sacred sites all over the globe, in areas such as: Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Great Britian, Scotland, Italy, Vatican City, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Spain, Morocco, France, Taiwan, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Jamaica, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Gibraltar and Nova Scotia.

Cindy has performed Light activations at many sites: inside all 3 pyramids at Giza, the Taj Mahal, the Ring of Brodgar, the Rosslyn Chapel, the Aya Sofya, Cappadocia, Macchu Picchu, Angkor Wat and Teotihuacán to name a few. Cindy has also performed ceremonies and activations at as sacred sites in the United States, such as the Serpent Mound, Great Circle Mound, Shrum Mound and Octagon Mounds.

In 2010, Cindy visited as many stone circles (“henges”) and cairns (burial mounds) that she could find in the United Kingdom. She has visited Stonehenge, Avebury and the Chalice Well on three separate occasions. In Ireland, she has visited Newgrange, Knowth and the Hill of Tara. In Scotland, she has visited the magical Findhorn Community, the Rosslyn Chapel (of The DaVinci Code fame), Dunino and Loch Ness (although sadly, no sightings of the famous “monster!”)

All of the sacred sites Cindy has visited are too numerous to mention! Her favorites so far are sites in Egypt, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Japan and Cambodia.

Listen to Cindy’s personal stories of spiritual awakening:

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Cindy Riggs’ Intro To Channeling (11:40)

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