In Cindy’s own words…

I have spent many years researching different belief systems…and I am just getting started. I am grateful for my Christian upbringing as a foundation, yet also respect other belief systems, since they all have value to those who founded and follow them. While it’s impossible to understand every belief system other than our own, I feel it’s important to respect what others choose for themselves, because we all believe that we’re doing what’s right…so technically we are all “right.”

I am fascinated by our capacity to choose and follow belief systems…and our ability to change them when they no longer serve us. I challenge my own beliefs on a regular basis, which allows me the freedom to incorporate new ideas as I wish. I have no particular name or “label” for my belief system, as it is not associated with a particular organization, so I tend to call myself a “Universalist.”. I currently believe in a Source/Divine Creative Force of All That Is, which permeates every living thing in a unified/quantum field; an intelligent consciousness which animates every subatomic particle, and is pure Love and pure potentiality. And that every human being is part of – and therefore has access to – this Source/Divine Creative Force.

I believe that every thought is a “prayer” that we program into our higher minds/the Source/Consciousness. Therefore, we influence our reality with our thoughts, or our vibrational frequency. I also believe that we pre-determined an intention (perhaps many) for our lives, and that when we are allowing our Higher Selves/Souls to guide us (surrender, faith, trust, positive thinking/frequency), that “purpose” naturally reveals itself – because it happened to me! I explain this method in my newest book entitled COMMANDIFESTATION: Commanding Manifestation.

I believe that each human has the freedom (and responsibility) to determine what they believe is right. If you are searching, I may direct you to a variety of sources to help you open your mind to a variety of philosophies and share what has inspired me through the years, however I will always encourage you to discover and develop a belief system of your own – one that serves to fulfill and enhance your life.


Cindy is a Universalist Minister with the Universal Life Church, also officiating wedding ceremonies (visit and memorial services (visit