Cindy Riggs

Cindy Riggs

Below is a collection of testimonials regarding Cindy’s Psychic Readings, Defragmenting, Spirit Communication, Channeling, Hypnosis, Personal Development Coaching, Psychic Development Coaching, Energy Bodywork, Workshops, Reiki Training and Ghostbusting/Spirit Releasement work. Most were unsolicited and received via email and text messaging.


“It was a life-altering experience yesterday. Really.”

“I wanted to say thank you! If I had not met you, I would probably not be living the life I had always wanted. You introduced me to new ways of thinking which turned into new ways of being. You are a powerful being!! Thank you!”

“As always, thank you. You are such a good soul and I am grateful to
have you as a mentor. You are always so kind, professional,
encouraging, and there is such joy in your words and actions for what
you do. It is so uplifting to spend time with you.”

“Thanks again!! You are my hero!! For real!! You pulled me out of the dark and Into the light! ??????????”

“My life truly would not be the same without your wisdom and guidance. Not to mention the gifts you unlock within me!”

“Thank you so much!  I truly appreciate our session yesterday.  It was uplifting & empowering – exactly what I needed (of course).  I am feeling so much more clearer and focused on how to go forward.  You channeled exactly what I needed – you are a gift.”

“I just wanted to send you a simple thank you for the amazing sessions that I have had with you. I am peaceful and heart-centered most of the time. Thank you!”

‘You were a gift from the universe for my birthday; It was an even greater joy and true blessing to have you with us recently [in Raleigh, NC]! I thoroughly enjoyed each one of our sessions and have already started seeing the results: Less fear, more serenity, more awareness, more connection with my guides and intuition, more love and gratitude toward creation, and more dedication toward service to humanity. Amazing!!!! 🙂 You truly are an angel, thank you so much for being a bright light on Earth!”

“I consider you one of my gurus. 🙂 I have so much love for you Cindy!!! I just wanted to tell you and let you know I am grateful for you and everything you have helped to awaken me to! <3 <3 <3 “

“I have been to a lot of psychics but you are always ‘right on’.”

“The work I did with you was a significant part of me going from wanting to change to jump[ing] in … thank you for what you do and for being available when I was ready for you. I am loving this journey.”

“I have read your [‘Vishnu Speaks’] book 3 times now and get more out of it each time.”

“I can’t thank you enough, Cindy!  What you do is so incredibly healing, and I just adore your personality.  It was a fabulously powerful session, and the tools you gave to me yesterday will help me create a newer, happier, healthier life… no doubt about it!!  I feel completely empowered and excited!!”

“I do feel different today – again, more solid, slower, grounded – less frantic or not frantic at all.”

“Thank you thank you thank you. I feel so open and clear…so in touch with the angelic realm…I feel plugged in. You are such a blessing Cindy.”

“I had a meditation session last night that was inspired by your healing–YOU’RE SUCH A GIFT!!!!!”

“I had [a] wonderful calming high after I left you.”

“It was the best 90 minutes I have had in a long time! It has been 2 days and I can notice the difference more than the first day.”

“Thank you so much for all you bring to this World, through your presence and your LOVE.”

“…we realized how important the session was for us and how important surrendering to love is.  You are an incredible channel and person; we are deeply in your debt as always.”

“I have no clue what I would have ever done without you!!”

“Thank you for being my Coach and doing the service you do for so many. You are and always will be a true blessing to all.”

“I am absolutely thrilled and very thankful that I met you [at an expo] and had a mini [Defragmenting] session with you! I am still on a great and joyful high. I cannot adequately verbalize what I felt enjoying your presence and [the] energy within me.”

“You are sooooo accurate!!!“

“Your’e awesome. I found [missing item]. Wow. I’m sooo happy no one took it and I really let that go when you said I still had it…I don’t doubt you at all!”

“I loved meeting you and our session was HUGE. I absolutely feel different, in a better way! I am still getting used to it (ME), but feel pretty amazing! I am being grounded, centered and calm. I’m walking and talking much different, too.Thank you for being you and doing the work you do. It is truly special!! You are wonderful.”

“I could not have had more fun talking with you today! You are such a great conversation – and I love your energy! You put me at ease so quickly and warmly – so grateful for the great environment! I hope we can visit again soon – ready to learn more – and I will schedule more time so we can visit more! 🙂 Thank you for today. What a great gift and blessing – much appreciation!”

“Thank you so very much for an amazing session that was truly life changing! It was so great to meet you and I so look forward to seeing you again. I floated home in a state of pure ecstasy! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gifts and talents!”

“Thank you ever so much!!! My session with you today was truly a blessing. In more ways than I could have imagined. Thank you again, and keep up the great work!!!”“Your healing style is unique and universally applicable as far as I can tell the Defrag[menting] and reset is so valuable for people that have energy problem or just having a rough time with kundalini/super awakenings.”

“My experience yesterday was out of body. You hug my soul Cindy!” 

“If it were not for your words of wisdom and energy work and all of your assistance in my life when I thought it was almost over, I would not be doing what I love today. (I would probably be on disability somewhere ..Lol)”

“…have felt much more connected to the angels, and better at feeling their peace even when my household is anything but peaceful.”


“I am so glad that we met, because it was the catalyst that set everything in motion regarding my job, creating free time and pursue my dream and spend more time with my family!” 🙂

“Last night was a very interesting experience because it was the first time being in a meditative state on a table or with a practitioner. GOLD!”

“You cleared so many layers of fear from [family member], and he finds it much easier to manage now. I have never seen [a practitioner] clear so much in one session before!”

“I really wanted to send you a note saying thank you so much for working with me while I am on my spiritual journey. I [feel] overwhelmed with love and forgiveness of myself. I really feel like I was guided to you a long time ago. You have been the teacher to help me get to where I am today and words cannot express how thankful I am for you.”

“OMG… Forgot to tell you my hip has not hurt one bit since Defragmenting! You have changed my life in so many ways!”

“Thank you so much. The [Defragmenting] experience was life changing.”

“I’m grateful for you and your gifts. I’m steps closer to where I want to be.”

“I would like to say what an absolute pleasure it was to meet you. You are one of those rare people (for me) that evokes trust and you have such a beautiful energy that, for the time that I was with you, I felt more relaxed than I have in years. Thank you! You are certainly one of “times” beautiful souls and the honor was all mine.”

“Many thanks…you’ve given me a big boost of confidence and hope for the future.”

“Thanks for giving me the key to my life. You are amazing at what you do and I am so thankful to have met you and to have you as my teacher.”

“Yesterday was something else. I don’t know of anyone else who could have helped me the way you did. There can’t be more than a handful of people on this planet with the kind of abilities that you have. Every time I think I have a good understanding of what your abilities are, you never cease to amaze me with something I had never seen you do before. You are just constantly learning, growing and evolving in ways I could never have imagined. Just being able to watch you work with Light the way you do, is a real inspiration and motivates me to continue along this path myself. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you!”

“I’m feeling more empowered (or more self-confident) all the time.  Thanks to you.  You are so inspiring and give wonderful guidance.”

“I am grateful…for the amazing session full of insight we had last week. Looking forward to being blessed by your presence again soon!”

“You are a blessing in my life and I thank-God to know you, Cindy!”

“…we realized how important the session was for us and how important surrendering to love is.  You are an incredible channel and person; we are deeply in your debt as always.”

“…so much gratitude for the Sacred unfolding that lights up when we come together.”

“I really appreciate your life’s work/mission, especially yesterday. It was an important day for me, to say the least.”

“This was a very powerful experience and I am feeling very euphoric, peaceful and physically feel very calm, a very real lightness of being.  It is a bit hard to explain but I would say it feels like a very positive energy shift. I had a very good sleep experience overnight with about 9 hours and I usually get 6.5 hours.  Full of energy today and accomplished so much!”

“My background is a scientist that wants everything to be proven. I have always searched from as many sources as possible. From all the digging the information that you have brought thru and continue to bring through makes a huge difference in my life.” 

“You are a gift to my world, glad I found you. (i.e., you said the right thing)”

“I wanted to thank you for your time, your energy and the wonderful guidance that you provided. As always, your information gave me peace, confidence and love. (I do believe that a part of those awesome feelings is related to the beautiful energy that you radiate.) I will see you again. :)”

‘Thank you so much for what you make possible in our worlds.”

“…thank you so much for everything. The [Telephone Defragmenting Session] affected me profoundly, most of all the past life [clearing] experience.”

“EXCELLENT MESSAGE this week! I forwarded [the article] to ‘7’ of my friends! Thank you for sharing your gift!”

“Thank you for facilitating such an amazing [channeling] experience.”

“Hi Cindy!  All I can say is WOW.  I am feeling great today.  My friends here at work have noticed something different.  They say I look more refreshed for some reason.  I didn’t tell anyone yesterday that I was coming to see you. My house is quiet and I do not see or feel the spirits that were hanging around.  [My husband] slept better and seemed happier today.  There is no heaviness anymore. I called my mom last night and she went into the rooms that she was scared of and she said the air is definitely different.  She can actually breathe in her house now.  I told her what it was and what you did [remotely].  She can’t thank you enough. That was soooooo awesome yesterday.”

“Thank you so much for everything!! You are amazing! Your gift really helped me to get my life back and to be happy.”

“Thank you for sharing your gifts and being of service. You have helped me recognize and be more accepting of my own gifts. “

“…your hypnosis worked (: Im so happy now…I just thought I’d let you know how much I have improved instead of crying all the time.”

“Thanks for last night[‘s channeling session]. What comes through you is so amazing.  I always leave feeling more connected with my higher self and feel freer of  the everyday minutiae that we all face.” 

“I just have to say, thank you for being! I really am so glad to have met you. You really did change my life and open me up to this path today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of it. 

“So many things are “clicking” and I was “AH-HA’ing” from the moment I left our session.” 🙂

“I just wanted to thank you again for the readings you did for me at [the Victory of Light in Cincinnati, OH]  recently. In addition to your lovely book, “Vishnu Speaks,” Again, thank you so much for being there for me! Thank you and all blessings to you even as you bless the many who are drawn to you.”

“I feel 100% lighter today.  Thank you so much for helping me!”

“Thanks for all you did during my session.  I thought it was really neat to be able to speak to [my deceased pet].”

“I’m sure I’m just one of many who have transformed their lives, with your help. I’m so excited about my life and eternally grateful for my journey.”

“[The channeling/Earth Day gathering] was awesome. I am really feeling intense energy whenever I am there now. “

“Thank you SOOOOO much for the phenomenal reading and removal of those attachments.  I feel absolutely fantastic!”

“Things do feel better at the house. We’ve had a few positive things happen since you were here. I’ve slept TONS better…the night after you were here, I woke up in the middle of the night with a smile on my face and went right back to sleep. That was nice! 🙂 We’ve noticed that [the dogs] aren’t barking or whining as often or as long as usual. You also mentioned that Monday was going to be an important day for [my husband’s] job situation and it was. He got his new position solidified and will start next Monday.”

“Thanks so much again, you’ve helped me to see many things for which I am extremely grateful.”


“Amazing work and guidance you gave me. I feel GREAT!!!  Like my old self again. I feel clearer, more energetic, happy. Wow!”

“Love your newsletters and cool info!”

“Something you said in our session was that I would get the clarity I needed within 4 weeks. It hasn’t been 4 weeks but I’m getting MUCH clearer about what I want and next steps. Thanks for the session and the recording.”

“THANK YOU Cindy!!! I smiled all the way home! :)”

“I’m doing so much better, thanks to you and all the wonderful beings who helped us!  I’m starting to feel like my old self again.”

“The work I did with you was a significant part of me going from wanting to change to jump[ing] in … thank you for what you do and for being available when I was ready for you. I am loving this journey.”

“Thank you so much for talking with me yesterday.  I know it was mostly concerning my cat, but I really needed to talk about it.  That little guy really broke my heart after he left to go back to the universe.  It meant the world to me that you communicated with him. Thank you for also removing the block that was within me.  I’ve been trying to for months and I couldn’t seem to get there.  Today I feel wonderful.  I’ve been playing and laughing all day here at work.  It feels great to be within my higher self again.”

“Thank you, for being you, doing what you do, making it available to us. You are truly amazing at what you do.“

“I just wanted to tell you thank you again and to give you a quick update…. Seriously no kidding… I woke up today still glowing and honestly, I look like someone wiped 10 years off me! It’s truly amazing!”

“Thanks so much for your help! I don’t know how to explain it but. You did a lot for me, and I’ll remember it. Appreciated. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

“I suddenly became aware of some issues from my distant past that I never let go of. “

“Thank you for today.  So supportive and life changing.”

“I don’t even know how to express how grateful I am that I was guided to attend your channeling. Your unlimited psychic abilities and channeling capabilities are an awesome gift to you and those of us fortunate enough to know you and have access to you. As a life-long student of metaphysics, I’m very grateful to you for sharing your gifts with us. The opportunity to receive channeled information from celestial beings and energies of the highest order is a special gift. I’m very grateful for the truths that are revealed to us through you.”

“I feel so much better and I have a different perspective on my outlook regarding a new job and really, just the way I look at things. I’ve been more honest with myself and what I need. It’s great! I will definitely be back. Thanks again!”

“Thank you so much for the healing sessions! They make such a difference! How do I ever explain!

“…my life changed that day [I met you].”

“Thanks SO MUCH for listening, for your counsel, and for all you help me learn. You make a difference in my life and I greatly appreciate you!”

“Cindy!!! Oh my gosh, thank you so much for last night!!! I still feel amazing and so much lighter than I had been!!! I definitely feel a definitive shift toward a positive and higher frequency for my vibration at the moment!!! I am going to stay focused to maintain this level of wonderful direction. I will keep in touch and probably see you soon for your next channeling session. Thanks, again, for everything!!!!!!!”

“Thanks again Cindy !!!! I can breathe again  and the heavy feeling that was weighing me down is gone. I got a good nights sleep and am feeling stronger today. “

“So nice to have you there to help me along my path. Who says your guides must all be in spirit?”

“Thanks so much! I love your readings 🙂 “

“I appreciate you and your glorious talents. I am learning and growing show much and am grateful for your support and guidance.”

“I told you I would email you an update after last night’s session. I went to bed with no Tylenol for my legs and I made it all night!! It has been years since I did that. I am going to keep trying that and see what happens!! No More Leg Pain!! 🙂 “

“I value your opinion more than any other.”

[Remote Defragmenting Session] “I started to feel better and had to look at the clock to see if it was 2:30 yet. We get so much done in just a half hour !!!! And it always amazes me what work needs to be done !!!!  Thanks a million !!!!!  Feeling better already !!!”

“Still feeling wonderful, have had lots of breakthroughs with my back pain, that was an amazing turnaround and I thank you so much for sharing your gift, we are a better community when our healers give their gift of Light!!!”

“Every time I have an appointment with you something opens up for me to see!”

“THANKS CINDY!! Always, always a pleasure talking with you—You always give me good stuff…!!”

“I have been highly impressed by your services. Thanks for helping me change my life!“

“I am most grateful for the extraordinary channeling, energy, sound, and word. Looking forward to next group channeling. Mucho love and appreciation for who you are. <3 “

“You are so powerful. I am so happy to have you for my mentor! You are amazing!”

“Thank you so very much! I feel very different and so much more grounded.” 

“I really enjoyed that Kundalini exercise you led us in Raleigh [North Carolina].  It was very meaningful to me.” 

“Thank you so very much! I feel very different and so much more grounded. Life is good (when your ego is in check)!” “Hey – still “abuzz” from our session today – thanks so much! I feel much enlightenment and more aware – and the things that were weighing on me now feel like feathers. I want you to know that you inspire me – and that I am grateful for all the mentoring you provide – I am so humbled to get to work with you. You are such a good soul – I love our time together – so much appreciation! 

“Hi Cindy, I want to thank you very much for last night.  This has been a day like no other and I am looking forward to where this is going to take me.  I can’t explain it except I know that everything is different and wonderful.  I appreciate everything you did and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you.”

“Oh Cindy! I cannot thank you enough – that was just a magical session and gave me so much hope and peace! I truly appreciate it!” 

“My life truly would not be the same without your wisdom and guidance. Not to mention the gifts you unlock within me!” <3

 “What an incredible feeling to be detached from my ego! Really cool and still experiencing joy from it. Thank you for the wonderful session.”

“Words cannot describe the joy I am feeling and the amount of fun I had last night working and talking with you. You are so much fun to talk to, so insightful, kind, and thoughtful. Your enthusiasm for you what you do is on display every time I come to see you. I woke up this morning with a smile and peace in my heart with the new knowledge I have. Thank you for all you do for me – you are so unique and a gift – much appreciation.”

“I very much feel the difference energetically.  Especially in my lower back area and just in that my body feels less restricted. I would love to work with you again.”

“What a wonderful experience. So appreciative.   Thank you for being so authentic, Cindy. You are “all of a kind.”

“i feel a lot happier after our appointment. thk u   i am excited to see how long it lasts or forever” 

“To receive your words, receive guidance from my higher self, receive energy work/healing…that was a helpful experience! I feel light and centered and grateful.” 

“Wow what a difference I feel today!  I feel much more grounded and in my body! The feeling that I need to cry is also gone as well as some grief.”

“You’re amazing and beautiful inside and out! Thank you

“Just wanted to let you know you were right on about everything and I appreciate you. Everything here turned out as well as it possibly could, given that we had to experience a hurricane.” (Irma, September 2017)

“It was a delight to see you, as always. Once more, your messages, personal and spiritual insight were much appreciated and spot on!”

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Amazing sessions. It truly is a blessing to have an amazing and beautiful soul and person like you walking the Earth in these times!!!”

“You probably don’t remember this but when you were doing energy work on me…you said you heard the words ‘children’s book’…you were right!! It’s about to happen! You’re the best! Know that you are amazing!!!! It should be ready and in print within 2 to 3 weeks!! I am on cloud 9!!”

“Thank you so much!  It was a lot of fun and very helpful I was so appreciative of the guidance and reassurance! This allows me to proceed with confidence.”

“I am so happy I came to see you. Thank you thank you so much for today! 🙂

 “Thank you again, Cindy! Everything you said was spot on! 🙂 You did connect with my dad!”

“I can’t even believe the changes that I have noticed in my life since I seen you! I’m not stressed or anxious over driving in traffic. Honestly, I’m not really stressed or anxious about anything. I feel at peace with the direction that my life is going and feel that I am making the right decisions. I’m no longersecond guessing myself. I feel lighter. Like a weight has been lifted. And I’ve not had a single “tension headache” since that day!! I am definitely a firm believer and will be coming to see you again! I’ve been telling everyone about my experience. Thank you again. So much! You have no idea how you have helped me!” 

“You’re so magical.” 

“Hi Cindy, I’m thankful the opportunity presented to meet with you, it was very meaningful!!  I definitely felt tons of energy movement during the whole session, and have felt so light and peaceful since then. I am so thankful for your work in this!” 

“I have seen lots of psychics in my lifetime, it’s your honesty with what you see whether I like it or not that I appreciate the most.” 

“Thank you for your dedication, study and bravery to reach out to share your gifts to spread peace, love and understanding to so many.” 

“Hi Cindy! I totally enjoyed our session. I’ve listened to the recording several times and have taken a lot from it. I am going to have my daughter see you for a session. I’d [also] like to do a Defragmenting session.” 

“Thank you for my session it was reassuring and will provide the direction I was seeking! We will definitely see each other again!” 

“I can’t thank you enough for the impact you’ve had on my life since we started working togethe last spring. I’m the luky one!” 

“I just want to thank you on behalf of the world for doing all you do.” 

”When you were channeling [the Master] Jesus and touched me and I felt his energy, I knew you were the real deal.” 

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!! I would like to say thank you…because you have been an amazing guiding light that is helping me re-discover my true self and it has really been a lot of fun. Grazie mille” 

“Thank you Cindy for an amazing hour of energy healing and defragmenting. I still feel so light and happy. I will work with you again for sure!” 

“Thanks so much for all you are, and your many services for me and so many others.” 

“You are an amazing and beautiful soul…I always enjoy spending time with you. :)” 

“You have been such a blessing to us! I am grateful that our journey crossed paths with you.” 

“Thank you for all you are and the gifts you bring to this world. Our journey together brings me Home…to a vibration that opens my heart and sings to my Soul.” 

“Thank you always for the beauty filled work you do every day.”  

“I feel perfect, my dreams are happy and calming, the ideas are flowing. I am looking forward to accomplishing all I set out to do!”

“Feeling better already.  And less anxious!  My body also responded by feeling better!”

“I just want to take a moment to thank you for the work your doing and what you’ve done for me.  Since our session today I feel more like “myself” than I have for years!  I feel much lighter, clearer in mind, much freer, much more alive!  I’m not sure what you did but man, this feels great. Thank you so much Cindy and bless you 🙂 “

“Thank you again for such a centering, soothing, clarity-bringing session.”

“Thank you Cindy, today’s session was interesting and enlightening.”

“I have never had that type of experience with anyone before. I feel completely different! Like cinder blocks lifted off my shoulders! I want my friends to experience [your Defragmenting session] too.”

“Hey Cindy!  I wanted to thank you for coming to Raleigh and doing the channeling for us. It was absolutely amazing! We are so blessed to have that beautiful message from Buddha 🙂 The message I received was exactly what I needed and has helped me so much – thank you!”

“The [Defragmenting] session felt intense and powerful, when I left felt very tired in a good way, like a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders, a sense of peaceful understanding and freedom, how wonderful! Thanks again Cindy for an amazing session and your bright energy, it helped me let go, start to unblock and make room for new ideas filled with Light and Love.”

“I can’t believe it’s almost been a week since our [Defragmenting] session. Just wanted to let you know that my neck hasn’t felt this good in years! I didn’t realize the constant pain I was in until [now]!  What an awesome experience that was! Thank you so much! “

“In the process of cleaning my house…I found notes from a session with you. I think it’s from 2005, asking you my career opportunities. The note just said “San Francisco.” And I got goosebumps!!! Had no idea I’d be in SF back then. I thought it was really cool and wanted to share it with you. You are truly magical 🙂 “

“I really enjoyed the session. I feel great sense of peace I haven’t felt in years.” 

“We had a reading with you 10 years ago, and everything you told us has happened! And each time something would happen we would say ‘Cindy Riggs!'”

“I have to tell you what an awesome experience my last session was with you!  I so appreciate your gifts and wanted you to know what a positive impact you are making on my life. I’m not only growing spiritually but emotionally as well. People at work are even noticing a difference in my behavior. Thank-you for being my angel here on earth, I can’t wait to see you again.”

“I love your energy. U are such a happiness magnet to be around.”

“I have felt wonderful.  I feel like I can “feel” again with my heart and truly work on the “right” thoughts. Thank you again for all your help!!  I will be in touch and will see you soon.”

“The blockages we talked about from the Tarot spread are changing and transforming into something pretty amazing.”

“What a journey I’m on, and I thank you so much for your guidance and assistance.”

“I truly appreciate you and the way you handle teaching others.”

“Wanted to let you know that I am feeling much more positive and have actually gotten some things accomplished! Much Gratitude!”

“Last night[‘s channeling session with the Cosmos Collective/The Oneness] was amazing. I am humbled and honored to take part in such a beautiful teaching. Part of my [personal] message last night had to do with growth in all aspects of my life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This growth could not have occurred for me if it weren’t for you. As of right now, I am no longer struggling :).”

“You did Tarot cards for [my friend] and read something about getting married and having kids quickly. You also had a black knight card (or similar) fall out of the deck that you didn’t know what it meant. [She] got married a little over a year ago, got pregnant on her honeymoon, and is pregnant again (her baby is 4 months old). Her husband is in the Army – a West Point grad…their mascot is the Black Knight.” 

“I just wanted to let you know how I have been feeling after [my] defragmenting session. There is a definite difference in the way I have been feeling that started right after the last session and has continued for the two weeks since that time.. I have been feeling more joy and contentment in my life. I also approach different tasks with more energy and excitement. I feel more uplifted. I want to thank you for making your skills and abilities available to me to enhance my life.”

“I want to thank you for a very nice session.  I had a very nice feeling after the session and  into the evening.  It is a pleasure working with you.”

“Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

“It always feels like a vacation when I’m [in your office]!”

“Thank you again. I can’t say that enough!”

“I’ve been listening to the audio of our session and wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate your time and skill and intuition! I’m sure I’ll be getting in touch with you again before too long. Thanks for who you are and what you do.”

“Thank you so much again, I feel amazing!  Looking forward to our next session!”

“Thank you so much for another amazing session. I feel confident moving forward and am excited about the next adventure!”

“You are the bomb diggity! Very, very gifted. You really do nail stuff! Thanks so much!”

“I feel blessed to have been a part of the [channeling] session and a witness to your incredible psychic gifts.”

“Thank you from the depths of my heart for making possible the happiness I am feeling right now.”

“Thank you,Thank you ,Thank you!!!!!!!!!! You gave me exactly what I needed!!”

“I feel like your services help me help myself so much. You are very gifted and I am thankful to have met you.”

“I always feel so good after leaving your office!”

“Every session with you is a quantum leap for me into a new and deeper kind of approach to life, so totally new to anything I’ve ever experienced or thought before…..like the equivalent of one year of doctoral course work, only for a much, much more important cause.”

“Thank you so much.  You have changed my life more than any other experience or person.  I am so grateful.”

“Your techniques are very effective. My spirit feels light, renewed, and re-energized. I feel like a new person in many ways. I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you, Cindy.”

“You are remarkably patient and such a natural teacher.”

“Two weeks ago I walked into your office…broken, scared, full of fear…unhappy…   with the attitude of ‘why’…Two weeks later I am not scared, fearful, unhappy and I perfectly know ‘why’… I am so looking forward to the rest of my life. I know that everything is changing and doing so for the better. I have no qualms about the possibilities that lie before me…I am so happy it is amazing.”

“WOW! What a wonderful experience! Thanks so much. Know there are several others I am going to send your way…”

“I left your office feeling like a weight had been taken off my shoulders.”

“I just wanted to thank you yesterday for all that you did. I feel great today and not tired and sluggish for once. Thank you sooo much!”

“Can’t wait to see you again so you can see how strong and beautiful you have enabled me to become.  You are totally wonderful.”

“Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for me! In just a short amount of time you have done so much good for me that words cannot describe. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“…you gave me a lot of peace of mind and I am grateful to you for doing so.  I haven’t felt this good in a long time and I look forward to meeting with you again sometime.”

“You are doing wonderful work!”

“Thank you so much for your help, Cindy.  I am learning and moving forward through the things we do together. Thank you again for a wonderful session!  I have spent the last week or so integrating on all levels. Just being in your presence, I felt an enormous weight of despair lift from my shoulders. I now know that there is a place where questions can be asked without ridicule or judgment.”

“You…have helped give me courage to follow my heart, and respect MY dreams. It feels great!!”

“Your infusion of creative communication and non judgmental feedback was just what I needed. You are truly gifted and it was a breath of fresh air.”

“Your healing is greatly appreciated !!!!!!”

“I am feeling much better! I thank you for all you have done. I will be seeing you again soon.”

So far I’ve noticed a huge reduction in thoughts of fear, doubt, “should”, and “what if.” Those seem very foreign right now. Thanks again.

“I am on top of the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you…..”

“I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for such a great experience today. My only question right now is, what would your rate be for a five hour session!? “

“Hi Cindy – I’m doing great, by the way. Thank you for your remarkable work.”

“…the hypnosis helped me to start feeling a bit more balanced and less at the mercy of the [health problem]. Thanks again!”

“Thank you for everything – helping me take the next step in growth, for the advice, and for sharing your experience.”

“…you played a big part in turning me around. I am getting better and better. I hope to see you soon! Many blessings to you!!!”

“Thank you for my reading  at the Universal Light show.  I am very glad that I had a chance to meet you and hope to have a longer reading with you.  You really opened my eyes to my higher self.”

“…thank you for the terrific experience at the…channeling.  I have felt a deep sense of comfort ever since.  In fact, I have never in my life walked around with this lengthy a spell of well-being.”

“Thanks Cindy, so much, for channeling these guides and allowing them to speak to us. I’m grateful that you provide us the opportunity to hear what they have to say. Thank you so much!”

“Your [channeling] was fantastic. I’ve never had that high a level of energy before and even though [I’m] in such a stressful situation right now, I couldn’t be happier.”

“Your guidance has been life changing for me in so many ways that I can account for now and probably even more that I can’t…yet. It’s difficult for me to even think back to where I was at earlier this year- it feels small (in a confined way) and unimportant.”

“Thanks for the awesome healing. I’ve been to a decent number of them and yours was one of the best”. 

“There have been some huge changes since the energy clearing here at the house.  Wow!  Much more peaceful.”

“We found the diamond rings we’ve been looking for – right where you said they would be in “a red wooden box.” In fact, they were at my mother’s house – locked up in her red cedar chest. Your clues definitely helped me narrow down where they might be located. I had forgotten that I had given them to my mother for safekeeping when I was going thru my divorce 4 years ago.” 

“I was so impressed with your reading…what an energy booster it was and how WONDERFUL
 you were at giving me the tools I needed to make decisions and figure out what was stopping my progress.” 

“Thank you for the advice. How amazing! You are a ‘translator’ between me and the Universe!”

“One of the things that has stuck out with me the most is when you and I discussed my Dad and his health. You held my wedding ring and told me that you felt pressure in your head and then your heart began beating pretty fast. You also mentioned making sure that my dad saw a doctor [as soon as possible]. Long story short…(or at least a little shorter!)….They diagnosed him with Congestive Heart Failure. His lungs were filled with fluid and he actually felt pressure in his face. If Dad had waited another week, his condition would have been far worse. Fortunately, we got him in in time and he is starting to feel better.”

“Thank you so very much for your calming influence Cindy!” 

“Your cards were right. I’m writing to validate your reading, especially because of the way it played out…” 

“I was never scared of what [you were] going to reveal or say. My excitement stayed the whole time. It was fascinating.” 

“THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP YESTERDAY! 🙂 You are so awesome. Your timing is incredible and impeccable!! Amazing!”

“…you gave me a lot of peace of mind and I am grateful to you for doing so. I haven’t felt this good in a long time and I look forward to meeting with you again sometime.”

“…how incredbily ‘in-synch’ you are!” 

“…[you have] blown me away.” 

“It was like talking to a therapist.” 

“Thanks again for Saturday! Best session I’ve every experienced!” 

“The biggest lesson learned is: there is nothing set in stone. I thought [you were] going to tell me: ‘this is going to happen, and that is that.’ Instead it was ‘you can go in any direction you want; you decide your destiny.’ I always figured things in my life were pre-planned – that I could not change them. How wrong was I?” 

“You have been a light in some of my darkest moments. And I know that the good Lord above had something to do with that. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you.” 

“…in my dream, you showed up. You were healing my neck and back area. Giving me Reiki or some sort of energy healing. I felt really good in the dream and felt good when I woke up this morning. I thought of you and decided to drop a line to say thank you.” 

“I can’t thank you enough for opening this door for me!” 

“[You were] so easy to talk to and open up to – I really can’t wait for our next meeting.” 

“You are our guru!!” 

“[Our dog] hasn’t had any issue with the neck pain since we left the appt.”

“Your advice and guidance has helped us in so many ways, thanks!”

“I walked out of there feeling calm and serene. The desperate sadness I had is gone, as if I now live in a different reality, but I don’t remember what you did! I am still feeling centered in myself and strong.” 

“WOW! That advice totally opened my eyes and mind!!!” 

I am so inspired and excited about what I am about to create! THANK YOU SO MUCH!” 

“It was a very special session last week with our…guests from the invisible side. I am most grateful for your assistance on my spirit/life journey.”

“…just wanted to thank you again for your lecture & demonstration on channeling last Sat. night. Wow, you are truly awesome!!!! I hope to get to connect with you again sometime.” 

“The times I have been to [your] channeling sessions, I have so enjoyed being with you — your energy is bright, invigorating, and powerful to me! I hope to see you again soon.” 

“Cindy, thank so much for…that class. You are a very good teacher. I do not feel as intimidated as I did before! I really had fun.” 

“I’m spoiled 🙂 by your classes that are so cutting edge, full of instruction, and jam packed with info and intuition. Your approach is motivating!! You rock!!” 

“Thanks again for your help and support…you have been an invaluable source of wisdom, guidance, and encouragement – even more so than my own family.” 

“Thank you so much for helping me figure things out. I see things clearly, all thanks to your intelligence, knowledge, and guidance.” 

“You give me hope 🙂 and I can’t tell you how much that means, so thank you…” 

“…yesterday…I was making [cold] calls and I was AWESOME! Couldn’t have done it without you ~ Thanks for ALL of your help!” 

“Thank you so much for the coaching session yesterday evening. It was very helpful and insightful. Today I felt so energetic. I am looking forward to our next visit.” 

“I am going to try what you said with questioning my ‘subconscious.’ I love that you have opened a new way of thinking for me…” 

“…thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us…if you offer any more classes, we will definitely be there.” 

“Thank you for sharing your gift with our group. We are very grateful to you!”

“Your words helped me find strength to do what needed done. You are a huge blessing in my life and an awesome teacher. The very best!!” 

“I haven’t had any dreams about [ex-spouse] since I did the visualization you advised.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for my reading…it was so amazing! I think it’ll take me awhile to stop thinking about it. I think I always knew that I could do anything I want, but it’s a little different to have the universe reinforce that idea for me.”

“I don’t know how you have time for all you do, I’m just glad you find it!”

“It was nice just to be able to talk to someone without being judged.”

“I thank you for sharing your light. You have such a beautiful energy presence.”

“Thank you for all that you did for me…it has made a big difference. I can’t wait to see you again!”

“You are very dear to me….your company and guidance makes the road less travelled less lonely. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for keeping this [channeled] information out there for us to tap into.  It really helped ground me back into my body and give me clarity.  I’m so grateful for your channeling transcripts and being a conduit for this powerful work.  I’m blessed to know you.  You give me so much direction in my life through the darkness of the unknown and the courage to follow through.Thank you very much.”

“You are my hero!”

“Thank you! What a wonderful session …Feeling so great having you realign my energy. Thank you so much for all your personal care and concern.”

“Thanks again, Cindy.  I’m enjoying a real sense of clarity and peace this week, so I know I’m much more ‘myself’ than before my session.”

“Hi Cindy: I’ve been thinking you’re a very advanced human being…special.”

“I have felt really good since yesterday evening and I wasn’t able to figure out why, until [my friend who requested remote energy bodywork] called me this evening and told me about what you did. This is remarkable! I can’t tell you how absolutely wonderful it is not to be in so much pain. I’m practically jumping for joy! What a WONDERFUL relief!!! Again, Thank you ssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo much! This is just fabulous.”

“Thanks for doing what you do. Thanks for being a teacher and a guide. Looking forward to our next meeting.”

“Hi Cindy just wanted to thank you again and to let you know I just spoke w/ coroner and the official cause of death…[was just] as you had said from the conversation [you had with her].”

“[My friend] said she misses her [deceased] daughter terribly but it was so nice that you gave her some clarity.  Now she knows for sure her daughter is communicating with her.  I feel a lot better that [she] has more peace. And it all is because of you. You are an angel. Thank You so much.”

“You run fantastic workshops, they are articulate and succinct and in the short period allowed, you conveyed all that was necessary and allowed many to experience a different lifetime.” [Past Life Regression Workshop in Raleigh, NC, July 2015.]

“Thank you so much for all of the relief!!!!! Instantly my headache was gone as well as my neck and backache!!!! My body and mind feels much more peaceful!!!!! I feel a huge difference !!! Thanks!!! With Gratitude and Blessings !!!!” [Remote Defragmenting session]

“You have helped me so much that I just can’t stop telling people about you :)” 

“I just listened to my recording.  It was amazing!  Thank-you for being you and being my light in this world.  YOU ROCK!”

“Thank you so much Cindy! I feel happier and calmer today than I have in a LONG time. Your gift is amazing and much appreciated. I will definitely see you again.”

“…your words…just PROVE how good a coach and mentor you are!

“Thanks for tonight and for all your help! You have really helped me for the better with all this!

“Thank you for bringing the calm in the middle of the storm. You are truly a gift on earth. I went to the doctors yesterday, and thanks to our session, I received a clean bill of health. No problems at all, my backpain and sciatica are all but gone and I am no  longer going to have knee replacement surgery in January. You are amazing. Thank You.”

“Thanks Cindy,  you would not believe what all has changed since I met with you!!! Feeling better, new job….automatic writing!  Thanks again.”

“Thank you so much!!! I truly can’t thank you enough! 

“As always, thank you for your support and belief, and of course your time in working with me!!”

“I wanted to thank you for our phone session last Thursday, I found it very calming. I do feel a follow up appointment in the near future would be good for me.”

“…still riding the waves of last week’s [energy] infusions!  Many, many thanks.”

“Hi Cindy – Just wanted to follow-up now that we have real answers. Several things you said [about our dog’s heath issues] were right on. You mentioned … an allergy, and that is what it was – a protein allergy. After the first plant based meal all symptoms stopped, completely. So thank you so much for pointing us in the right direction! Much appreciated!” 🙂


“I met with you [in] 2007…  I was going through an emotional and difficult time – knowing I had to leave my husband – and I met with you to just speak and get an insight on my feelings.

Well, almost 3 years later…  it has been a year since my divorce was finalized, and it could not have gone better.  My ex and I actually held hands at the dissolution and went out to breakfast after.  He is now remarried, as am I – and I just gave birth to a son. Life is wonderful and I wanted to thank you again for taking the time out that day and being a great listener, and helping me calm the turmoil within myself. Best to you Cindy, and thank you again!”


“I wanted to let you know first and foremost how grateful I am to have gotten the opportunity to meet with you. I have to admit that what I was looking for and what I found were two completely different things. I was looking for someone to tell me what was going to happen with my life. 

I am so grateful that you gave me the truth in that I can create what I want to happen in my life. Now I know why you are considered a life coach. I can tell you that I have put in motion the things you have told me in the last reading we had. My life is already being transformed! I feel great! I even notice a difference in my kids! I have a much better outlook on my future. I am using all of your suggestions. Thank you so very much for showing me that I can create my own future and for giving me the confidence to know I can even reverse my illness. I am feeling stronger every day.  You Rock!!”


[Remote Spirit Releasement/Clearing]

“Sooo…I just wanted to let you know that [my teenage daughter] has been much better!! She has color to her face I haven’t seen in months and she has been chatty and happy and in a much better mood than I have seen in a long time!! I just can’t deny when I see a change.. It’s amazing! That spirit attachment stuff is real.. So happy to have you to help out! Thank you for the energy work!! You are amazing as always!!?”


[Remote Spirit Releasement (Depossession)]

“I wanted to submit a testimonial regarding my recent experience with Cindy Riggs. My story beings with many years of sadness and depression, extreme bad luck and general hard times. I am very active in the paranormal field. I am a promoter of haunted locations throughout Ohio. I have been seen on national TV and heard on international radio regarding the paranormal. While being a tour guide at one of my locations, I was physically attacked by something. I was thrown to the ground, at this point I lost consciousness. After I recovered, I felt very down and depressed. I lost my “daytime” job and was on the verge of losing everything I own. Desperation set in, so I approached a minister, who said he would contact Cindy Riggs. 

I did not know at this time what had happened, and I did not know all the details until I visited the minister the following week. He asked me what had happened in the previous 3 days. My response was as if the world had turned completely around. The weight of the world felt like it had been lifted off my shoulders. My house felt “warm” for the first time in over 2 years. The following business day, I received 4 job interviews and some good news regarding my finances. At this point he informed me that Cindy had performed a [remote] cleansing. She told him that I had 8 attachments (some very stubborn) and it took the assistance of many Angels to break the grip (more than usual). I am not sure what Cindy did, and I had not even met her. But everything changed for me after she performed her magic. 

Being a promoter and very active in the paranormal field, I find myself having to find a rational reason for what happens in my locations, but for the first time ever, I feel that of the many psychics that say they can heal my woes, Cindy Riggs has been more successful than any others. So much so that I am encouraging her to appear on many of the radio shows and the TV shows that I appear on. This lady is making me a believer. Thank you Cindy!”

-Ellis Byrd, (aka E.L Byrd) Author of What The Hell Was That? Trials and Tribulations of an English Ghost Hunter in the USA (Cindy is featured in Chapter 9.)

(Ellis has appeared on SyFy channel’s Ghost Hunters, A&E’s My Ghost Story. He is the former promoter of Haunted Mansfield, The Bissman Building and Plattsburg High School; and is promoter of San Leandro Train Depot, Oakland Aviation Museum, and USS Hornet.)


[Spirit Releasement Session]

“The change in my daughter has been nothing short of amazing. All teenagers are moody, but she was truly agitated to the point that she was unable to sleep, she had trouble eating; she was very depressed and seemed to dwell on the darker aspects of the world. We had been to our family doctor and explained all of this, he examined her and his solution was Prozac and medication to ease the stomach cramps. Needless to say; the treatment plan was ineffective.

By the beginning of May, things were really getting strange around our house and the effects were being felt by everyone. I knew something had to be done but I had no idea what, so after a particularity frightening episode, I turned to someone I trusted and asked for help, and he referred me to you.

My original intention with our appointment was to just meet you, see who you were and what you were about, and discuss the options that were available. As fate would have it, the day of our appointment my daughter became so ill she was unable to finish the day at school. I hadn’t said anything to her about talking to you, but I think fate was insisting that their will be heeded so I brought her with me.

That was the best decision I have ever made.

Words cannot describe how it felt to see my child jump out of bed the next morning, grinning from ear to ear and telling me that it was going to be a great day! To have her hug me just out of the sheer joy of being alive and part of the universe!!! Again, I agree that all teenagers are moody, but I know my daughter, there was a ‘lightness’ about her that I had not seen in a long time, it was as if some great weight had been lifted from her shoulders and she could easily walk on clouds.

‘Thank you’ seems so small compared to the gratitude I feel – but it will have to do. I simply do not have the vocabulary required to express how thankful I am to have been led to your door.”


[Ghostbusting/House Clearing]
“I just wanted to thank you for coming out [for a house clearing] and helping my mom, sister and I. We feel such gratitude for your gift, and so honored to have met you. My mom has not experienced ANY activity, has been sleeping through the night (which she hasn’t done in years), not hearing any noises and has a lot more energy. She’s so happy 🙂  MANY thanks for helping me also. I have struggled with anxiety and nasal sinus issues for 10 years or so. Since meeting with you, and getting rid of the ‘fearful attachment’, I feel so light. MY anxiety is a 2 on the 1-10 scale, and almost ALL of my sinus issues have subsided. I am truly grateful…”

[Special Event Channeling with The Elohim]

“It was a gift to be there.  Thanks to the Elohim & you for the transfers of energy; it feels great!”

“Thank you so much for your willingness to be the channel so that we could receive their wonderful healing energy.”

“Thank you – it was awesome.”

“We really enjoyed the Elohim event.  I hope you have another like this….it was very relaxing.”

“The Elohim messages resonated with me, thank you for channeling this energy, I am feeling grounded and light at the same time, good energy.”


[Pre- and Post-Surgery Hypnosis]

“After an episode of congestive heart failure, I was in the hospital awaiting a surgery date where I would get a heart valve replaced. Because of the risks involved, I had fear and anxiety that was causing my already damaged heart to overspeed. Cindy prepared a hypnotherapy audio tape that may have saved my life. After listening to it, I experienced a great calming and relaxation, and my heart rate dropped down to normal again. I calmly survived the operation, and after that, Cindy made another audio tape which carried me through many weeks of post-operative recovery. I am very thankful.”