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August 17, 2021 – Archangel Metatron through Cindy Riggs Cindy channeled the Archangel Metatron who explained multiple, parallel timelines, and how and why “time jumping” has become more prevalent. Metatron offered suggestions on how to navigate the “complexity” of our reality in these ever-changing times. Metatron concluded the session with individualized energy recalibrations. Store

July 20, 2021 – Zarathustra through Cindy Riggs Cindy channeled the ascended master Zarathustra (Persian prophet and founder of Zoroastrianism) who explained how we become “out of synch” with chaotic energies and our environment. He used a fun analogy and gave us an easy technique. He shared the “highest level” perspective as well as an energy transmission/blessing to help us along our spiritual journey. Store

June 15, 2021 – Ariel of the Pleiades through Cindy Riggs Cindy channeled Ariel from the Pleiades, who explained the importance of “Oneness Consciousness” and the steps to achieving it, as well as a powerful energy transmission to support us on our spiritual journey. Store

May 11, 2021 – Moses through Cindy Riggs Cindy channeled Moses, who discussed the importance of “connecting with the Divine” and led us through a technique for us to connect with the Divine! He spoke of parallel timelines and new paradigms in our reality, and the problem with the question “what is going to happen?” He even shared what the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic could have been. Powerful, helpful information, techniques and energy! Store

April 13, 2021 – Anubis through Cindy Riggs Cindy channeled the Egyptian god Anubis, who provided a comprehensive explanation of many aspects of our lives, including how to deal with the intensity in our world, the concept of karma, our educational system, love/relationships and even death and reincarnation. Anubis also provided a powerful energy transmission. Enjoy this assertive and informative spirit! Store

March 16, 2021 – Solomon through Cindy Riggs Cindy channeled the ascended master King Solomon who spoke to us of “mistakes,” how to heal by letting go of the past (i.e. clearing our “cloud storage”), how to manage worry or depression, and challenges us to examine what we truly want to embody in our life experience. He also spoke of his own enlightenment experience at the moment of his death! Store

February 9, 2021 – 7 Pleiadeans and Archangel Gabriel “We are all just Stardust. Isn’t that fun?“ Cindy channeled a group of 7 Pleiadeans  who discussed how we create our “blocks,” how to determine “appropriateness,” our whole purpose of being here on Earth and what our #1 goal ought to be every day. They also discussed how we lose our energy the quickest, and the only diagnosis we would ever need. The Archangel Gabriel joined in toward the end of the session to contribute to the group energy transmission. Store

January 19, 2021 – Atlantean Goddess Lorelei Cindy channeled an Atlantean goddess named Lorelei who prompted us to ask ourselves “how am I experiencing Love today?“ and suggested a new perspective for our reality. She attempted to simplify everything for us, reminded us that there is no judgment in the spirit world, spoke of our greatest weapon against dark forces, and then provided an energy transmission/blessing of the pure Love frequency! Store

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