Every day we can let go of something to make room for something new.

Every day we are a different person than the day before – physically and energetically.

Every day we have the opportunity to change on all levels of ourselves – if we choose to, and if we allow our inner guidance systems to lead us.

Defragmenting is Cindy’s most popular session for rapid, positive change!

Our energy fields can become fragmented as a result of negative experiences and programming in our lives – and even in our past lives. This can hold us back, cloud our awareness, or even block us from success and abundance. Defragmenting is intended to address core issues, clear energies no longer needed, and retrieve fragmented energies.

Defragmenting (aka “soul retrieval”) is groundbreaking, comprehensive spiritual evolutionary work received by Divine guidance and developed by Cindy Riggs. As your Defrag-Mentor, Cindy customizes your session utilizing a variety of techniques as she is guided by your Higher Self or other spirit consciousness. The intention is always for your greatest benefit at that moment on your evolutionary path, addressing core issues, clearing unnecessary (“negative”) energies and restoring wholeness.. A Defragmenting session is performed efficiently and is like receiving multiple sessions at once.

What is the objective of a Defragmenting session?

To discover what is needed in this moment of your life – for your greatest benefit. To facilitate shifts in your awareness, behavior, and well being, and therefore a quickening in your Soul’s evolution.

What is a Defragmenting session like?

Guided by your own Higher Self, a combination of techniques are utilized – as guided by Cindy – to facilitate shifts on many levels of your being. What you experience may be subtle or profound – or as you allow it to be. Defragmenting sessions are unique – each and every time.

What may you experience during a Defragmenting session with Cindy?

With your permission, some – or many – of the following techniques may be utilized:

• Cindy communicates directly with your Higher Self to obtain instruction about the techniques and information that will help you the most in this moment of your life.
• Cindy partners with your Higher Self to utilize the Ego Removal Technique (read more below) which can temporarily remove all fear-based thoughts and emotions and offer you the unique opportunity to experience who you really are: your True Self. (The Ego Removal Technique was given to Cindy in 2008 by a spirit being, as are many of the techniques she utilizes.)
• Negative spirit attachments and/or human attachments (if any) are permanently removed. Other negative attachments or energetic blockages are removed, as guided by your Higher Self.
• Past lives are identified, explored and resolved utilizing spiritual communication, remote viewing/projection and spirit releasement (if a connection is applicable to your current issue(s)/situation).
• Your Higher Self, Divine Self (or another high-level spiritual source such as a spirit guide, Angel or The Oneness) may speak messages to you through Cindy, answer any questions you may have, and may also participate in guiding (and transmitting) your energetic “bodywork.”
• Cindy performs Divinely guided energetic “bodywork”, which may include one or more of the following techniques, most of which then he has received directly from spiritual guidance during Defragmenting sessions (and the list continues to grow!):
• Energetic repatterning/re-connections/recalibrations (often channeled)
• Strands of energy (in the forms of awareness/wisdom) being pulled directly from your own past lives in reintegrated into this lifetime
• Activations of awareness/intuitive centers
• Light column clearing and chakra opening/balancing
• Reiki/Quantum-Touch®/Kolaimni/Access Bars®/Polarity Therapy/Reconnective Healing™
• Activation of Kundalini
• Guided imagery/hypnosis
• “Restoring to factory settings” of mental/emotional/physical bodies
• Balancing of masculine and feminine energies (yin and yang)
• ”Holographic matrix repatterning”
• ”Brain lift” technique
• Removal of energy blocks (“psychic surgery”)
• Pineal (3rd eye) activation              • Telomere activations (DNA receptors)
• Oneness Deeksha (blessing)
• 9th chakra/”blueprint interface harmonizing”
• Removal of suppressed emotional energy patterns
• Repatterning of the energy system’s layers/dimensions/grid
• Timeline code reconfigurations
• Direct Source integration

Other energetic techniques (not permitted to be understood by Cindy’s conscious awareness) are often given on-the-spot and utilized. New techniques are being presented during these sessions on a regular basis. Defragmenting evolves as humanity evolves. It’s unlimited!

Each Defragmenting session is unique!

60-, 90-and 120-minute sessions are available. (90 minutes is recommended especially for the first session, but not required.

Contact Cindy to schedule your Defragmenting session today!

What is the Ego Removal Technique?

In 2008, Cindy was taught an amazing technique during a Defragmenting session. The technique is literally a temporary disconnection of the ego (dual self/inner critic), so that the client may experience being their True Self – without the ego’s fear-based emotions such as guilt, anxiety, judgment, etc. Immediately she found that the technique produced successful and profound results, and has been using it as often as possible since. A wonderful bonus to this technique is that she can teach clients how to do it for themselves. Cindy is still in awe of its effectiveness and potential for the evolution of humanity. It’s still the most powerful technique she knows to date, and lasts up to 2 hours, or longer if it can be sustained.

Everyone deserves to experience this state of being! It’s what we’re all working to achieve with meditation and other spiritual practices. You can expect Cindy to use the Ego Removal Technique in your next session (whether it is a reading, hypnosis, coaching, Defragmenting, or energy bodywork).

“The [Defragmenting] session felt intense and powerful…like a huge load had been lifted off my shoulders, a sense of peaceful understanding and freedom, how wonderful! Thanks again Cindy for an amazing session and your bright energy, it helped me let go, start to unblock and make room for new ideas filled with Light and Love.”

“It was life-altering. Really.”

“Thank you Cindy for an amazing hour of energy healing and defragmenting. I still feel so light and happy. I will work with you again for sure!”

“Defrag[menting] was just what I needed. I felt like I was floating for hours!”

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