11/11/11 at 11:11 for 11 Minutes – Cindy Riggs Channeling

Watch and Receive the Energy Transmission Now!

“Thank you Cindy for the wonderful message and energy. I sat here with chills coursing through my body the entire time. What wonderful energy. Blessings to You!”

“Cindy! WOW!!! Incredible feeling of well being and living in the moment after your amazing 11.11.11 @ 11:11 am! I sat there in front of my notebook computer with my kitty and we both got zapped;) Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience!!!”

“Cindy – I tuned and loved your broadcast with The Oneness! at 11:11 – it was so peacful and so powerful. I’m so blessed! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us!”

“Your 11:11 channeling was neat. I definitely felt the energy! Thanks!”

“Wow Cindy! I enjoyed your live broadcast so much and thanks!!”

“That was awesome Cindy! I watched at work with my coworker. It was 8:11 out here [PST] so I had two 11:11’s today. Great job, I got chills. I really enjoyed your message.”

“Thank you for doing this. I had a powerful day.”

“Very nice!!!  Great job, as always.  Thank you for doing that!”

“I did feel the energy that was transmitted!  Thank you, Oneness.”

“I attended the 10/11 [The Oneness channeling]event in person and the 11/11 event via webcast. On both occasions the energy transmissions were noticeable and beneficial.”

“Thanks for enduring the cold on Friday for the 11:11 channeling.  It was a clear, powerful transmission of energy!  I am so glad to have been able to be a part of the world-wide connection in such a 3D way.”   🙂

“Thanks for providing access to your 11/11/11 event last week. I watched it live. I felt a difference throughout that day and still do. It has helped me be more aware of when I’m not present and to gently bring myself back into alignment.”

[A very special thanks to camera person Erin Eberts and video editor Dr. Guy DeAngelis.]

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