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Live Trance ChannelingLive Trance Channeling – Regular Monthly Sessions (ongoing)

Channeled messages from Spirits, Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials and collectives, including individual messages for each participant. New in 2018: sessions include a group Ego Removal Technique and energy transmission(s)! (Ongoing monthly since 2005!) All are invited and no reservation is necessary.*

Regular Monthly Channeling Sessions take place at:

Ki Empowerment Center at The Executive House
6797 N. High St, Suite 134, Worthington, OH
Regular monthly sessions are 6:30 – 8:30 pm Directions
$35. per person.
$5. for .mp3 audio file of individual message also available (optional). 

Pay at the door or in advance online (includes $1.50 processing fee – see below.)

2018 Channeling Dates:

July – Tues. 17
August – Tues. 14
September – Tues. 11
October – Tues. 16
November – Tues. 13
December – TBA

*Regular Monthly Channeling Session dates are subject to change! Please check this calendar regularly, and receive updates in Cindy’s Email Newsletter

Periodically, Cindy is guided to arrange Special Event Channeling sessions with specific “guest speakers” with a different format and fee, as well as required advance registration. Check this calendar regularly to participate in the next Special Event. 

Cell phones and audio recording devices not permitted in any channeling sessions. Read more about Cindy’s Channeling.

Go to Cindy’s Store to pay in advance.

More Upcoming Events and Appearances

The Great Circle Mound

Summer Solstice Gathering at the Great Circle Mound – Newark, Ohio

Saturday June 23, 2018, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Cindy will facilitate a solstice ceremony and provide a channeled message. Experience powerful energy at this ancient site!Circle Mound GatheringThe Great Circle Earthworks – 455 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH 43056

The Great Circle Mound

The Great Circle Mound – Newark, Ohio

Stage Hypnosis. WHAT??
Cindy will be assisting the internationally renowned comedian hypnotist extraordinaire Rich Guzzi with audience participation during his amazing Comedy Hypnosis Experience at a few shows throughout Ohio this spring/summer!
Following each show, Cindy will be providing exclusive 15 minute hypnosis sessions in the green room to audience members who did not participate in the show, but would like to have a taste of hypnosis and some assistance with an issue they would like to overcome!
Show dates (linked to ticket information for the shows):
Did you know?
Cindy is passionate about hypnosis!
Cindy is obsessed with stand-up comedy!
Rich’s amazing, outrageously funny show is the perfect marriage of both! Check out Rich Guzzi on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and
Stage hypnosis is absolutely real! And Rich Guzzi is the master!
Cindy is a Certified Hypnotherapist, offering hypnosis and past life regression in her private practice for nearly 15 years. Hypnosis is often integrated into her Defragmenting sessions.
Tuscany Spa Salon – Wed./Thurs. July 11 & 12
11355 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati OH 45249
Private sessions by appointment – please contact Tuscany to schedule: ‭(513) 489-8872
Kundalini Awakening Workshop
Saturday July 21, 1:30 – 3:30 pm
(Back by popular demand!)

Kundalini is “the coiled power” – or energy – which rests at the base of the spine.  Raising the kundalini is said to awaken inner knowledge, self-realization, and Divine wisdom, and help one to experience joy, love and transcendent awareness.

This workshop includes theory and techniques that assist with the awakening of the kundalini: light column clearing, sacred chants, mudras, and breathing exercises; Oneness blessings (deekshas) and an integration meditation.

Visit Cindy’s Store to register

Past Life Regression Workshop
Saturday July 28, 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Seeing past lives may assist us in clearing blocks and gaining a better understanding of our current lifetime.

Cindy will discuss the concept of past lives, some fascinating experiences she has personally had and witnessed, and will guide the group through past life regression hypnosis. An opportunity to see/experience yourself in another lifetime . . . maybe multiple lifetimes!

Visit Cindy’s Store to register


Body Mind Spirit Expo – Sat./Sun. Sept. 15 & 16, 2018

Ohio Expo Center – Cardinal Building

Cindy will channel the entire Angelic Realm on Sunday at 11:00 in Room 3.

Cindy is offering private readings and mini-Defragmenting sessions all weekend in Booth#307.

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