Are You An Empath? by Cindy Riggs-Lecture (47:32)


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Are You An Empath? Cindy discusses the extra sensitive perception known as empathy and how to manage it.

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Do you feel overwhelmed in crowds, or in general? Do you feel exhausted in shopping malls or airports? Do you crave time in nature or alone? Do you feel drained after spending time with certain people? Does your child or loved one seem withdrawn or overwhelmed? Cindy will discuss the extra sensitive perception commonly known as “empathy” (clairsentience): how it functions (particularly as we develop more intuition), the pros and cons of the varying degrees of empathy, and how to manage it so it cannot hinder our spiritual growth or our happiness. Cindy will share her own powerful techniques that you may begin using immediately. Recorded live on April 7, 2018 at the Victory of Light Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.


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