Is Change Always “Good?”

by Cindy Riggs
TransformationIt’s springtime, and that means I get to do a lot of readings for people at expos. Often I will see a change in the future – sometimes minor, sometimes major – and my client will often ask “is that good or bad?” If you have heard me speak or attended any of my channeling sessions, you have probably heard the answer to that question, regardless of the situation: it’s how we choose to perceive it.

Nothing is “good” or “bad” until our mind makes an assessment and then a decision to label it. We are told that the truth is that everything is occurring in Divine Order, and not only happening in accordance with the energies that we are broadcasting (thoughts, emotions, our state of being); but also it is occurring for our benefit. So I will immediately answer my client’s inquiry with the reminder that their experience of it will be based on how they choose to perceive it. And “whatever you believe, is true.”

New BeginningsEverything just is. How we choose to perceive it has an enormous impact on our ability to handle the situation and capitalize on the opportunity it provides us for spiritual expansion and evolution.

So the next time you hear about a potential upcoming change, see if you can pause for a moment and instead of deciding whether or not you might label it “good” or bad”, pondering whether or not you are confidently ready to accept and embrace whatever is presented in your reality. Christianity teaches “God never gives us anything we can’t handle.” What if the change of job or relationship or situation is presented in order to propel us forward into something we can’t even imagine yet, which we might label “better”, “awesome” or even “magical?!” I have experienced this in my own life.

We live in a space of duality, and duality resides within us (True Self and ego). This is the human experience. Without the negative, we would not have a concept of the positive. And this dual space was designed to provide contrast so we would be motivated to grow and evolve.

We also have built within us free will and the ability to “rise above” or “override” duality simply by choosing to vibrate at a higher frequency: by maintaining a state of positivity, trust, faith, hopefulness. And asking/praying/intending every day for alignment with our Soul.*

Recently I channeled The Oneness who said “There are two ways you can think: positively or negatively; but there are three ways you can be: positive, negative or neutral.” Reminding us that the key to success in any situation is controlling or choices of thought. – the only thing we can actually control anyway. And in order to accomplish that, all we need is to be present and aware.

Align. Allow. BE!

*this powerful concept was introduced in Cindy’s channeled book Vishnu Speaks: Messages of Enlightenment from the Ancient Deity

Vishnu Speaks by Cindy Riggs

Vishnu Speaks