Telephone/Remote Sessions

TelephoneAll telephone/remote sessions are scheduled and paid in advance. 24-hour notice is required for cancellations/rescheduling.*

  1. New clients must complete the Online Release Agreement prior to scheduling the session.
 (Calls outside the continental U.S. are via Skype. Please provide Skype name on the form or at the time of scheduling.)
  2. Contact Cindy to schedule your session via email (, text or phone (614-806-2654).

Please contact Cindy to check scheduling availability before submitting payment!

  1. Payment is made at time of scheduling.
 Option A: Paypal – securely use any major credit card from this page, below. (Paypal account not required.) Option B: Provide your credit card information to Cindy over the phone. (Do not text or email credit card information!)

Credit card charges appear on your billing statement as “Alpha L Inc.” Prices (below) include processing fee.

If more time is alotted and used as agreed at time of scheduling (or even during the session, if available), an additional pro-rated credit card charge will be applied for the additional time at the end of the session.

  1. Cindy calls you at the appointment time at the phone number you provide. The session begins immediately and ends on time.

Digital recording of your session is available for an additional $5. and is delivered within 48 hours following the session in .mp3 format via a link in your email. Request recording at time of scheduling/submitting payment.

*Last-minute cancellations of forgotten appointments will incur a non-refundable, non-transferrable $65. charge. All appointments are confirmed at least 24 hours in advance via email, text or phone. By providing your credit card information you agree to this policy. 

Telephone/Remote Session Fees – Readings/Defragmenting

(Includes processing fee):

15 min. – $42.00 (w/recording $47.00)

30 min. – $73.00 (w/recording $78.00)

45 min. – $98.00 (w/recording $103.00)

60 min. – $114.00 (w/recording $119.00)

90 min. – $165.00 (w/recording $170.00)


Choose Your Telephone Session

Remote Ghostbusting/Clearing:

60 min. – $114.00
 (Recording not available/recommended for ghostbustings/clearings.)

Remote/Telephone Ghostbusting/Clearing