Pleiadean Council of 12 – Channeling Transcript

Excerpts From Live Trance Channeling – Tuesday, March 10, 2020

What role will you choose today – or tonight – based on a collective fear that is being induced by your media about a dis-ease that is not a terminal dis-ease for most people? You would be shocked if you knew how many have already survived it. ­But that has not been documented. It would feel so much different here if attention was paid to the positive side of this information.

And now disruption is happening in many people’s lives, but it is also for a purpose, and it is all for your benefit! As we look at it, we remember this time in our history. We can assure you the outcome is not as severe as you might believe it could be. But throughout time there have been these types of shifts. This is nothing new. And many of you survive things that other people cannot survive. Does this mean the planet is being cleared of the weak ones? It does not. But some believe that. Is the planet balancing itself? Definitely.

So, do you blame the planet? How can you blame that which gives your body life, that which fuels your body? No, you do not blame the planet. In fact, if there is even blame in your mind you are operating from your lower self, and you are not in the frequency that creates the kaleidoscope [of life experience] you desire.

So, we would say relax. Yes, some things will occur. Much will change with many different systems and organizations, and travel – their rules and regulations; and just like anything else, as first, some of them will be silly and unwarranted because of the fear. We would suggest that you surrender to faith at this moment. Surrender to your Truth inside (the Truth of All That Is), and trust! Because collectively, yes, you’re all connected.

Stress, of course (anxiety) is a loss of energy for your body, created through worry about the past or the future, or of someone or something, and that depletes your immune system faster than anything. So, if you could let go of worry or anxiety then you shall be healthier, and you shall attract higher vibrational experiences.

Some feel like “I just want my life to be the same every day.” That is fine [however] do not be frustrated when something goes awry, that’s all. If you choose sameness, you will not get sameness because there is only one truth here, and that is constant change.

What about other possibilities you haven’t thought of, or even conceived of yet? You magicians can create miracles. “Miracles,” you call them. And yet isn’t every day a miracle? It could be if you perceive it that way.

What your human collective needs more than anything is more self-confidence – more of the ability to confide in the Self (or the Truth inside) where all of the answers already are. They are already installed.


The Pleiadean Council of 12 was a feminine star collective that spoke both to the on-location group and the participants live on
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