How To Handle Change

The Sun_Thoth Tarotby Cindy Riggs

I would like to begin by stating that in my next lifetime I would like to have the opportunity to choose a planet that is 77 degrees Fahrenheit (or equivalent) both day and night with no change of “seasons.” I don’t care for atmospheric change at all. It seems to affect my breathing, energy level, fluid retention and joints, not to mention my attempt to dress appropriately for my personal comfort (which I don’t seem to have intuition about at all).

That being said, I feel I adjust to changes in people and situations much easier. I certainly adjust to spiritual frequencies pretty effortlessly. So apparently I have accomplished more with embracing change in my mental/emotional and spiritual aspects, and I still have the physical aspect to further refine in order to become balanced in my own “trinity” of body/mind/spirit.

I always hear people say – particularly in Ohio – that they “like the change of seasons”, but then they proceed to complain about the weather. When did the weather become such a popular go-to for small talk or breaking the ice with a stranger? Probably when language began, because it’s one of the things that we all share and our egos love to discuss the things we can’t control. But when we do it with a negative connotation, we are choosing resistance.

Resisting Versus Embracing

The definition of resist is “to strive against or oppose.”

We are all quite familiar with the concept of resistance – too familiar. Resistance is created by our ego (the duality within us) and it’s one of the first concepts to which we are exposed as infants. However resistance is truly just that – a concept. Even though it can manifest as physical discomfort. What part of resistance can we control? Our thoughts about it which make it the concept that it is. And our thoughts are always a choice.

So I am still choosing to be in the pattern of thinking and (consequently) feeling resistant to atmospheric changes. I admit it! But can I train my Self to accept it? Will I choose to embrace it?

The definition of embrace is to “accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.”

I remember Margaret, a young woman I worked with 20 years ago, who said “just embrace the cold” as we walked outside in the wintertime: me with my earmuffs, scarf and hood cinched tightly, and she with only a coat. I still attempt it every winter…yet it just feels so uncomfortable to me (“unbearable” my ego would say).

We all have different body types and we carry different temperatures. I have observed myself shivering uncontrollably while others around me seem comfortable with less clothing. (I seem to be just as sensitive to the heat as well, hence the 77 degree preference.)

How to embrace? Fully accept what is.

I once boarded a nonstop flight from Los Angeles, California to Beijing, China. It was at a time in my life when I was really starting to understand what all of the spirits I had channeled were talking about: things just are. “Right” and “wrong” are just concepts chosen by the [dual] mind. Eliminate the right/wrong and good/bad concepts and you are free to choose a new experience. The flight was scheduled to be 12 hours and 50 minutes. Sitting in my seat on the plane, I made a choice, and said to myself: “this flight is not ‘long’; ‘long’ is only a concept. This is just a flight I’m on. And I’m told that wherever we are at any given moment, it’s where we’re meant to be, so I just AM, and this just IS.” I shifted my awareness on that flight and arrived in Beijing without any anxiety or concept of how “long” it might have actually been in linear time. I embraced it fully.

Do We Need Patience?

I dislike the term “patience” because (can you feel it?) it has anxiety built into it, even though its definition is “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.” It still seems like too much work to “tolerate” something, when instead we can simply accept the situation. I prefer “presence.” And presence is exactly where I put my awareness while on the Air China flight.

Anxiety is a result of the mind focusing on either the past or the future. If we are present, there is no space or opportunity for anxiety. However most humans are not present. We are taught how to do but not how to be.

(Worry is another issue which will be addressed in a future dedicated article.)

Let Go Of It

Did it happen in the past? It only exists in your mind now. And you can choose to accept that it happened and let go of it. Do you believe that everything occurs for your benefit? If not, pretend you do for a day, or a week, and see what happens. The “belief police” aren’t going to show up at your door and arrest you for experimenting with a new concept.

But how to let go?? The concept of “HOW” (Horribly Obstructive Word) is the block! (Did you get that? The concept of “how” is the block.) Simply let go – it’s just a choice. But to be fair, it may need to be chosen a few times – or a few hundred times – before it becomes your new state of being – or “operating system.”

So many people I encounter desire more spiritual/intuitive awareness, however are still holding onto “bad” things that “happened to” them and how those “things” (which are not tangible) define who they are and what they are/are not capable of now, which is incongruent – it does not allow the appropriate space for the growth they desire, even though they may feel desperate for growth or expansion of awareness.

To say that you can’t accept something that happened (or is happening), means that you are either afraid to choose differently or don’t know you have the power to. I am reminded of my favorite quote: “Most people would rather be certain they are miserable than risk being happy.” If you “can’t let go” or “can’t get over it” it means that you are resisting your Self – your own happiness. And you are the only one who can be responsible for that. Think of responsibility not as a burden, but as the ability to respond.

Still bitter about being let go from your job? When that person left you? Why? Do you truly feel happy and free while you are also still harboring anger? You can’t. Anger is like an anchor that we drag around with us everywhere. No wonder so many of us complain of fatigue and feeling “drained.” Accept the situation and choose a new concept about it. It happened for your benefit, even if you may never know (consciously) what that benefit is. And also let go of the need to know why before you can let go! That’s blocking the process too. Often when we let go completely, the “why” becomes obvious much quicker – particularly if we are no longer looking for it.

When I channeled the consciousness of Earth on December 16, 2014 it said: “The computer cannot have the ability of now if it has the operating system of 20 years ago. It cannot compute those games, or those word processes; can’t even display them. What are you displaying to your Self and to others? Are you displaying old technology or are you up-to-date? I’m encouraging you to bring your Self up-to-date. Think about where you are anchored right now. What year is it? What year is it that you are living in, or what years are you living in? If you could anchor your Self here and now, in this moment, you could bring your Self into the present, and your operating system would be up-to-date.”

How To Process Death

I do not mean to minimize the process of accepting the death of someone close to us. However it is important to examine the degree to which we are attached to a person or a situation we cannot control. Few of us enjoy having other people “clinging” to us. So we need to respect the process of the one who has transitioned and realized that the grief/mourning is within our own Selves.

Mourning is “manifesting sorrow outwardly.”

Grieving is ”deep, internal mental suffering.”

It is natural for us to mourn the death of a person, situation, relationship or other “loss.” I feel it’s also important for us to know the difference between grieving and mourning so we can move through it in a healthy manner. And there are many wonderful grief counselors available to us.

Bottom Line

We have 2 choices in every situation: accept what is or resist what is.

Notice how much time and thought energy is being spent on resistance, whether it is our own physical comfort or the current state of the government. And then experiment with choosing to accept what is, and that it is happening (or not) for y/our benefit.

To “practice what I preach”, I am currently embracing all of the changes that my computer’s operating system upgrade has presented, as well as the new phone I had to purchase when my other one “died” last week. Why so many changes in fonts and functions? I assume they are for my benefit, so I choose to accept them.

I also intend to embrace winter this year differently than before. 🙂