Circle Mound Gathering Summary – Sept. 21, 2013

“Merging of Souls with Cosmos and Earth” Gathering at the Great Circle Mound

The Great Circle Mound

Circle Mound Gathering

On Monday August 22, 2011 ( a “7” day in numerology) at the Great Circle Mound at 7:00 pm, approximately 60 people gathered for a multi-dimensional activation with the intentions of creating a gateway to Source, integrating the East and the West (Atlantis and Lemuria), releasing traumas/pain, merging the human and Angelic/Cosmic realms, and generating and anchoring the Love vibration (“Heaven on Earth”). In addition, the energy from Orion is back “online.”

Circle Mound Gathering

Robert Backoff


Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis

Prior to the gathering, energies were prepared in a 10 mile radius around the park. We began with calling in the spirits of the directions, led by Rita Carnevale. We then made the formation of 3 circles, which evolved into the formation of the vesica piscis, on the Eagle Mound inside the Great Circle Mound complex in Newark, Ohio. (Read more about the Vesica Piscis below.)

Information on this particular gathering was originally channeled by Cindy on Wed. July 13th in Newark. This gathering was following the vortex opening which was accomplished at this same location in September (Fall Equinox) of 2009.

Information Cindy received that morning:

The Oneness: “Participants may hold hands and stand closely in the beginning, moving outward once the vesica piscis is formed. And then allow for silence, being. The only thing for participants to understand is that this gathering is to merge both their [conscious] understanding and their experience of oneness with all things and all people.”

Earth: “Connect with me. Experience the limitless energy I have to offer you. Nourish yourself with my energy. Be one will all of nature – in your mind, because you already are. Take the silent time to be truly present with everything, and perhaps you will notice that all just IS. Be in that space of neutrality, so the duality may cease – even if it is for just a few moments tonight. Then do this every day for your Self (and it will naturally benifit everyone else.) Let go of your mind so more of your being can experience.

What you experience is what you experience. Let go of expectations, and especially thoughts of what others are experiencing. Allow the uniqueness of each individual’s experience become the collective experience. This is how true power is realized.”

The Great Circle Mound

The Great Circle Mound – Newark, Ohio


More inspirational information was channeled during the gathering:

“All is Divine Love…no matter what you are beholding, however intense or wonderful, you will know that it is Divine love. Trust this even if you will never know how or why. Trust that this is true. All is Divine Love. No matter how horrible or how beautiful.” [Cindy Riggs/The Oneness]

“Feel your freedom to be. Be the wave in the ocean of existence, continuously happening, happening, happening. Love that which you are: continuously happening Love, compassion. Love and compassion for yourself and others. Feel your freedom. Be your freedom. Breathe your freedom.” [Allison “Nithya Prasadita” Fritz] 
(As this was spoken, 7 birds flew overhead!)

Circle Mound GatheringThe Oneness transmitted energy to each circle: “we are transmitting codes through you in order to harmonize this process here this evening. And in doing so, you are becoming channels of these frequency codes, just as you are becoming portals of this place. And there is nothing you need to do or understand. If you are just being in your most peaceful state of being – your highest frequency state of being – then you are automatically positively affecting others, contributing toward their awakening, their awareness. Transmitting Love.”Circle Mound_Beth

Mother Earth says “tune in to my frequency. My frequency has changed. Have you noticed? Tune into my frequency. You are my heartbeat. It’s faster than it used to be. Tune in to my frequency. Rest on my breast and notice that you can.” [Mother Earth/Serena Hemmer]

“I am Metatron. As I gaze upon you there are many sacred sounds around you, and yes, you are one with them as well as All That Is. There is no disruption, there is only harmony. For there is a place for all things, all vibrations, all of humanity; but most of all there is a place for each and every one of you, for in your oneness you can’t separate from All. I watch you. I serve you. There is an Angelic Host to serve you as well. Some of those I speak of in the Angelic Host have come to take human form, to walk among you, to assist and to bring Love. The Earth is a being, a vibration, and it’s every bit a part of you, as your spirit, for your spirit is a vibration as is Earth. Remember your connection always to Heaven (as you call it), and to Earth and to All That Is. For you ARE All That Is. You are the drop of water in the ocean, and you are the ocean. Be at peace with this knowingness. Allow yourself to rise above the voices of the world, the voice of your individuated egos. Allow yourself to expand the Love that you truly are. Feel your heart connection from one to another in this location – feel it now, take a moment to notice how enveloped you are in the energies around you, and know that energy goes out from here to all that exists on this Earth and the Universe. You walk with many – you are never alone. Open your heart to the Love that you are and that is, for that is all there is. Love is the alpha and the omega. Peace be with you as you walk forth, expanding your beautiful heart energy. So it is.” [Archangel Metatron/Nada Maibach]


Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis

The overlapping of the two equal circles creates the vesica piscis, a figure of profound and universal symbolism. It represents the union of heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious, spirit and matter. The term vesica piscis means vessel of fish and is associated with the early symbol of the fish in Christianity. It is also called mandorla (almond in Italian). Imagine the vesica piscis as a gateway to the Source. Contemplate it and go on a journey from matter into the world of spirit and return bringing the spirit into the material world.


Orbs photogrtaphed by Laura Pieratt

Orbs ta photogrtaphed by Laura Pieratt


Many participants reported seeing and feeling energies, intense Love, chakra openings, and some even photographed orbs/Light Beings at the site.


One participant who joined us remotely from Los Angeles reported:

“I connected with the ceremony around 4 pm my time. I saw gold and pink wash the whole planet and was in awe to be a part of the ongoing process of creation. Matter and spirit unifying with unconditional love. The vesica piscis has always been a tremendous symbol of love, unity and truth for me.’ 

“That night I retired to bed and quickly entered a dreamlike state when a vision of lights flashed intensely in my third eye/pineal gland/brain/mind. The lights resembled the colors and shapes you would see looking through a kaleidoscope. It was so intense and beautiful and bright and only flashed for a millisecond. I was awestruck.”

 Beautiful scarves of pink and gold were presented to Robert and Cindy by Andrea McCanney and Amanda Dixon. 

A beautiful handmade mobile of 7 gold origami birds and stones was presented by artist Sylvia Neidner, who also played the flute in the beginning and at the end of the gathering.


Airplane Trails in a cross formation

Airplane Trails in a cross formation

At the end of the ceremony, a perfect cross of airplane trails was formed in the sky above us.


Were you unable to attend this event? All you need to do is tune in/bring your awareness to the Great Circle Mound. Everything is now activated for you – and all of us!


Gratitude to all who participated!



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