Circle Mound Equinox Gathering Summary – Saturday September 21, 2013

“Elevating Consciousness” Equinox Gathering at the Great Circle Mound


Circle Mound Equinox Gathering

Cindy calling in the spirits/elements of the directions

On Saturday, September 21, 2013 – a “9” day in numerology (completion), at the Great Circle Mound in Newark, Ohio at 11:11 am, approximately 30 people gathered (in the cleansing rain!) for an elevation of cousciousness for humanity and Earth/the Earth’s Grid. 

Cindy was told that the Star of David formation would elevate the frequency of our individual Merkabahs (our energetic, star tetrahedron-shaped “vehicles”), bring us into perfect balance, and elevate the frequencies and balance this sacred site, which is connected to many other sacred sites in Ohio and elsewhere through the Earth’s grid. (Read more information that was channeled prior to the event below.)

Star of David

Star of David



Circle Mound Equinox GatheringThe Amethyst stone had been mentioned prior to the gathering, and each participant was given a small amethyst point. Cindy placed an amethyst cluster on the Eagle Mound’s center marker, along with a bluestone she had obtained from the bluestone mountain quarry in Wales, England at the exact coordinates that scientists have determined the Stonehenge bluestones originated. Others also brought stones and placed them in the center.

Circle_Equinox_cindy staffUsing a handmade ceremonial staff, which was constructed using a piece of beechwood which had fallen within the Circle at this very site and gifted to Cindy by artisan Melvin Olhoff a week prior to the event, Cindy invoked the consciousness of the elements of the directions as well as the comprehensive Oneness/Source. Then, lined up in the Star of David formation, the group allowed transmissions and repatternings to take place based on the channeled information we received leading up to the event (read below). A few messages were shared as the event progressed from Pleiadeans, The Oneness and Allah. All could feel powerful energy! Watch the video below.



“A huge thanks for facilitating the gathering. I’m still looking for words to describe my experience…the energy felt so light and expansive and grouding and supportive. The rain was perfect. 🙂 I’m so glad to be a part of it.”

“I felt my heart open up right before they [spirit Cindy was channeling] said something about the heart opening!”

“I felt the energy moving through my whole body.”

“That was intense – I felt a lot around my head.” 

“Equinox Gratitude – thank you, Dear One!”

The Great Circle Mound

The Great Circle Mound – Newark, Ohio

Gratitude to all who participated! 

Special thanks to Amanda Dixon for her coordination, assistance, photography and videography!

Information Regarding This Event – Channeled on Tuesday September 17, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio

Quetzalcoatl on current Earth changes:

“Flooding is necessary for balancing of Earth…necessary for the grid system. It is critical for the evolution of Earth & all species. If that grid becomes out of balance or is compromised in any way, Earth must balance itself. Remember that energy always transforms. It is never destroyed. How is this affecting the grid? It is allowing for freedom of energetic movement. It is not good or bad, it is Divine. It is meant to occur for the benefit of all consciousness, all energy.

Now, more shifts in energy: because of some of this balancing, there has been created a ripple effect, and it is not consistent. There’s also a relationship between your Sun and core of Earth that has been modulating frequencies in order to harmonize the grid and the surface. Perhaps you have experiences some of this as a ‘roller coaster effect’ you call this: one day you are very energetic, the next day it is difficult to complete your tasks. Some of this is due to weather changes in your area as well. Remember that there is not one thing to blame. And I recommend you erase ‘blame’ from your psyche. Blame is never necessary when you realize that all is Divine.

The frequencies are changing daily, sometime multiple times per day. This is why it is critically important that you meditate on a daily basis so that you are prepared at a higher frequency to handle what is occurring. This does not mean that it won’t drag your frequency down – it may, and it can. I am just recommending you maintain…the frequency that is most aligned with your present state of beingThis is what you are to ask for when you meditate or when you do any kind of energy or spiritual work: ask for the proper alignment of frequency for you in the moment – not today, not in this week – in this moment as you are asking or as you are meditating, because that moment will change. Moments are changing more frequently than ever before, perhaps you have noticed this. And this can be uncomfortable. Amethyst is a stone that helps to harmonize you when these changes are taking place. This is why I have guided her to bring the amethyst in the room this evening. So perhaps you carry an amethyst or carry a string of the stones to wear. And as the weather changes, it make things seem more severe, seem more dramatic.

This shifting shall only remain intense for the next 7 days [to Sept. 24], and then it loses its intensity over the next few weeks. What does this mean to you? It just means to be patient. Do not have an expectation of your Self…that you must…feel a certain way or…accomplish certain tasks. Be patient and gentle with your Self. Lots of shifting going on. And the harmonization takes place first within Earth’s core, [then] moves on out to the surface, then all of the individual bodies (animals, insects, amphibians, all of plant life) are the last to adjust. Be patient. Do not have an expectation of tomorrow, because tomorrow its own individual series of moments. In each moment – in any moment – things could change: your feeling, the energies around you. You could feel different. You could behave different.

Now the Equinox comes this weekend. And this is another reason that Earth has been attempting to balance itself prior to the alignment of perfect equal day/equal night, hoping to bring everything into balance by that time. And that appears to be something that will be achieved.” 

Mashallah (Allah):

“I am Mashalla, another aspect of Masculine Divine; ‘God’ to some, ‘Allah’ to others, just another aspect of Masculine Creative Force.”

Allah spoke of Earth’s power points, particularly the area of the Middle East being the largest portal on the planet:

“Very, very powerful energy. This is why there is typically war taking place, because something very, very powerful is being protected, being hidden. I recommend you tap your Self into this place, you project your consciousness or your awareness into this place. You are not tapping into the third dimension. I am asking you to tap into the fifth dimension of this place. And as you do, you bring such powerful, magical energy. There is also powerful, magical energy in the third and fourth dimensions in this area of the planet. Once again this is why there is conflict, because the energy is just so powerful. It could be said that this area of your planet it the ‘mouth of the planet’s unlimited force.’ One of the first places that energy is expressed. Those who are vibrating at the third and fourth dimensions are those who are interested in competitiveness, war, conflict. But if you tap into the fifth dimension…I will describe how to do this. As you meditate…you bring your Self to a place of pure Love, presence, acceptance, allowance, being. And in that state of no duality or no fear, you simply intend to connect your Self with this area you call the Middle East – and you intend to connect your Self with its fifth dimensional Light & Love vibrations. Remember that which you command must follow. That which you command is entirely powerful for you. And as you do – and as you tap in, or tune in or connect your Self with this energy – you are allowing more high frequency of Light and Love to inhabit this place. If you can let go of the expectation of ‘peace’…and you simply connect in because you want to merge with the power that is there – the fifth dimensional power of that area – you are helping that whole area.”

Read the complete transcript of Quetzalcoatl and Mashallah (Allah) from September 17. 2013.

Thursday September 19, 2013
Cindy received an energy transmission early in the morning (approximately the time of Harvest Moon) from Solomon.

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