AshtaRah Special Event: Recalibrations!

Saturday December 30, 2017
(a “7” day), 
2:00 – 3:30 pm

Ki Empowerment Center – 6797 N High St., Suite 134, Worthington, OH 43085. Location/Directions

$44. per person. Advance registration is required for this event*

AshtaRah first appeared in 2014 and is still the highest frequency that Cindy has channeled to date! AshtaRah is a genderless consciousness, and Cindy considers it to be a voice of “God/Source” (if not God/Source Itself).

Very recently a new energy “Recalibration” technique was introduced to Cindy that will be offered to each participant individually at this event, to prepare us for 2018 – an “11” year! This technique is the highest level (so far!) of a reorganization of our energy systems and to allow us to operate at our highest frequencies/potential.
“11” (2018) is one of the most powerful “master” numbers in numerology, associated with intuition, and manifestation of goals and desires! Don’t miss this amazing, ultra-high-frequency event and receive your Recalibration!

*Registration Required as space is limited for this special event format – $44. per person. Online registration information below.

Please arrive a little early. Participants will be asked to enter a silent room and are encouraged to dress in layers and comfortably. Participants are encouraged to bring stones or other spi/ritual items (jewelry, statues, amulets, etc.) to keep on their person or under their chair to also absorb AshtaRah’s pure SourceLove. Cell phones are not permitted, and will be safely locked in Cindy’s office during the session.

This special event offers individual Recalibrations for each participant rather than individual messages, as in the regular monthly sessions.

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To pay using check or cash, please Contact Cindy directly to register: 614-806-2654 (text or call) or (email).