Categories: Spirituality

by Cindy Riggs


Categories: Spirituality

by Cindy Riggs


Saturday June 18, 2022
, 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Cindy will channel the ultra-high frequency consciousness AshtaRah, who will share messages and the most powerful Direct Source energy transmission for each individual participant! (Online participants also receive their transmissions individually.)

>On-location: Pure Joy Studio – 6260 S. Sunbury Rd., 2nd Floor, Westerville, OH 43081

>Also live via

Registration Required – $50. per person. See below for registration.

AshtaRah is an ultra-high-frequency consciousness that Cindy first encountered in 2014; one of the highest-level, genderless spirit beings that Cindy has channeled to date, and is a direct link to Source (or perhaps Source Itself).

A sacred experience! On-location participants will be asked to enter a silent room and are encouraged to dress in layers and comfortably. Participants’ crown chakras must be accessible for the Direct Source transmissions. Participants are also encouraged to bring spi/ritual items such as stones to also absorb this high-frequency energy. Cell phones, watches and other electronic devices not permitted.

Zoom participants will be asked to keep their audio muted during the session.

Please arrive a little early so the event may begin on time.

Online Registration: visit Cindy’s online Store (for both on-location and Zoom)

If you wish to pay cash at the door, please Contact Cindy directly to reserve your space (; or text or call 614-806-2654).

Don’t miss this quarterly opportunity!


For a sampling of AshtaRah, experience Cindy’s “AshtaRah Energy Upgrade Session” podcast!

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